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European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences, ULLA, was founded in 1992 as a European Consortium for (postgraduate) training in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. ULLA takes the name from the cities of its founding universities: Uppsala, London, Leiden and Amsterdam.

The ULLA Summer School 2019 was organized in Helsinki, Finland.
The ULLA Summer School 2019 was organized in Helsinki, Finland.

Over the years, ULLA has been extended and the consortium now consists of 10 partners:

  • Uppsala University – Faculty of Pharmacy (Sweden)
  • University College London – School of Pharmacy (United Kingdom)
  • Leiden University – Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (the Netherlands)
  • VU Amsterdam – Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (the Netherlands)
  • University of Copenhagen – Drug Research Academy (Denmark)
  • Université Paris-Saclay – Faculty of Pharmacy (France)
  • Università di Parma – Department of Food and Drug (Italy)
  • KU Leuven – Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Belgium)
  • University of Helsinki – Faculty of Pharmacy (Finland)
  • Université de Genève – School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Switzerland)

The primary aim of the ULLA network is to enhance collaboration within education and research in pharmaceutical sciences between the member universities. One of the cornerstones of ULLA are the biennial summer schools for PhD students. In addition, ULLA workshops and lectures help to stimulate interactions.

To give staff and students improved access to the combined resources of the institutions involved, ULLA provides grants for the exchange of MSc students, PhD students, postdocs and staff.

The ULLA institutions are complementary in their research and teaching missions and by coming together, they possess a synergy that allows the consortium to have a greater impact on the European scene. As such, ULLA coordinates joint applications for EU funded research.

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