Instructions & To-do list

Here is a list of things to do and tips that are good to know before your participation in ULLA Summer School 21. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Person writing To-do list on whiteboard


A pre-event is organised on the 30th of June at 2-3PM to give details about:

  • Gathertown
  • the ULLA cup and other social activities
  • poster walk through and instructions on presenting
  • Appinconf

The pre-event will be recorded and available on the ULLA Conference Platform (app-in-conf) so everyone can catch up.

Access to the platforms

Two platforms will be used during the ULLA online summer school:

1. Appinconf: for the courses and the lectures

To access this platform:

  • Visit the webpage and use the code ulla2021 to register
  • Please use the e-mail address provided to the organisation to log-in, you are already pre-registered with it (the e-mail will not be visible to the other participants).
  • Customize your avatar
  • Upload your recorded 1-min pitch (mp4 format, max size: 500MB).

2. Gathertown: for the social events, lunch and coffee breaks, and the poster sessions

To access this platform:

  • Please create your avatar using the following link using your real name for coherence with Appinconf:

  • Please follow the instructions below about uploading the posters. We will then place it in Gathertown for you.

1-min pitch

This is a one-minute visual abstract in Appinconf to attract participants to your poster presentation. This video will replace the classical written poster abstract.

  • Recommendation: prepare one slide clearly showing the title of your poster, authors and affiliation. Add any other images, graphs etc. of your choice to visualize your work – you can be as creative as you want or it can just be your poster.
  • Recording: use e.g. Zoom or Teams, with your camera on and make sure the video is no longer than one minute.
  • Format: mp4 format, max size of 500MB
  • Submission: please submit the latest on June 29th, by uploading it yourself in Appinconf


Your poster pdf will be uploaded in Gathertown by us where it will be available to all for the whole duration of the summer school and especially during the poster sessions, where we expect you to interact with your camera on to get a better user experience.

For the poster you do not have to use an specific template or sizes. Make sure the text is legible on a computer screen. Feel free to use a template from your home university or any other custom template.

Submission: please send your poster on the 29th of June at latest, to one of the following boxes, pick the one that suits the best the theme of your poster. The poster sessions are divided into themes to facilitate the navigation.

Please name you poster according to this nomenclature:  Jane_Doe_your_poster_title.pdf


Posters awards: both the scientific research (project award) and the presentation (poster award) effort will be the object of an award.

  • Project award: will be discerned by the judges based on the scientific content and overall presentation. The five best posters will compete for the project award during the final poster session so be ready to share to everyone on that occasion.
  • Poster award: will be discerned by the judges based on the poster layout.
  • 1-min pitch award: the one-minute pitches will be subject to the people choices awards.
Last modified: 2022-12-16