Webinar about your possibilities at Testa Center


Testa Center provides Uppsala University’s researchers access to state-of-the-art equipment for drug and bioprocess development. At the webinar "Academic research in the Testa Center – A testing bed for upscaling your biological innovations", you will learn about experiences and success stories. Pre-register now!

Twenty-five weeks each year Uppsala University has access to Testa Center's laboratories for biotechnology. This agreement has opened up new opportunities in research, education and innovation - especially in the fields of drug and bioprocess development.


Welcome note and introduction to the UU-Testa collaboration
Peter Lindblad, Professor, Uppsala University

3x15 minutes presentations

Introduction to Testa Center
Jesper Hedberg, Director at Testa Center.

Rapid pilot-scale production of the ribosomes
Suparna Sanyal, Professor, Uppsala University

Affordable and Scalable personalized immunotherapy
Martin Lord, Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University


  • Testa center is Sweden's test bed and innovation center in bioprocess technology for researchers, students and companies who want to test and scale up innovations in the production of biological drugs.
  • At Testa Center, Uppsala University researchers have access to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in the field of biotechnological process industry.



Erik JacobssonErik Jacobsson
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences

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Last modified: 2021-05-31