Early morning in the pharmaceutical lab with Jenny Nilsson


What goes on at the bank after 3 PM may never be know. Another question that keeps occupying the generations is what's up before 9 AM in the pharmaceutical lab. We set the alarm clock and headed to BMC and the Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry research group. Among the machines we found Jenny Nilsson, PhD student in Metabolomics.

Jenny Nilsson, PhD student, 8.46 AM.
Jenny Nilsson, PhD Student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, 8.46 AM.

So what’s happening here?
I am about to finish the second year of my PhD project at the research group in Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry. At the moment, I am conducting the final experiments in a work to develop and improve chromatographic methods for simultaneous analysis of lipids in biological samples. Next stop is writing for my first scientific publication.

And what awaits after that?
I will use the methods to compare lipid patterns in tumors and healthy tissue and how they look after chemotherapy treatment. My ambition is to contribute to the search for biochemical reasons for disease, drug effect and side effect to, in the long term, identify biomarkers for disease and  therapeutical effects.

How did you find your way to this machine?
I graduated as a pharmacist at Uppsala University and realised early on that I wanted to do my PhD studies in analytical chemistry. When this project was announced, I knew right away that it was  something I had to be a part of.


  • The Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry research group predominantly focus on bioanalysis – the investigation of drugs and metabolites in biological systems – with special emphasis on separation methods coupled to mass spectrometry.
  • The group's main research directions are Drugs in the environment, Metabolomics and Drug metabolism and doping control, all with a multidisciplinary character.



​Jenny Nilsson, DoktorandJenny Nilsson, PhD Student
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2021-05-31