Anders Karlén in Lif podcast: Antibiotic resistance - the silent pandemic


Anders Karlén, Professor of Computational Medicinal Chemistry and coordinator of ENABLE 2, and Årets läkemedelsprofil (Pharmaceutical Drug Profile of the Year) Enrico Baraldi discuss Antibiotic resistance - the silent pandemic in a new episode of Lif:s Podden. Antibiotic expert Bengt Mattson and Pod host Amy Havenäng, both Lif, also participate in the conversation (note: pod in Swedish)

There is a great need for new antibiotics to replace the old ones that are gradually becoming ineffective, still, far too little is happening. In podcast: Antibiotic resistance - the silent pandemic, Anders Karlén and Enrico Baraldi talk about the challenges in basic research and drug development with focus on antibiotics. They also talk about successful collaborations in the fight against AMR – with ENABLE 2 and PLATINEA being prime examples – and new ways to compensate pharmaceutical companies for antibiotics.

Anders Karlén, ENABLE-2
Anders Karlén, ENABLE-2

Anders Karlén also participates in Uppsala University's Forskarpodden, episode: The fight against antibiotic resistance. Here, Anders Karlén and Professor of Medical Bacteriology and Director of the Uppsala Antibiotic Center, discuss the challenges and opportunities of antibiotic research.

ENABLE-2 recently announced that they will receiving continued funding from the Swedish Research Council, which is allocating SEK 25 million to the platform's second year of operations. Around New Years a second open call for proposals will open with the aim to, as soon as possible, add new programmes to the ENABLE-2 portfolio.


  • Anders Karlén, coordinator, ENABLE-2, Professor of Computational Medicinal Chemistry, Uppsala University
  • Enrico Baraldi, WP manager, PLATINEA, Professor, Uppsala University.
  • Bengt Mattson, antibiotic expert, Lif
  • Amy Havenäng, Pod host, trainee, Lif


  • ENABLE-2 is a national platform offering project support in the development of antibacterial drugs.
  • PLATINEA is a collaborative platform aiming to optimize the use of existing antibiotics and to increase the availability of important antibiotics that are at risk of disappearing from Sweden.



Anders Karlén, Professor
Faculty of Pharmacy

photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2021-05-31