Our Research areas

At the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, six research groups work to develop substances into novel drugs and treatments, often in collaboration with academia and industry in Uppsala, Sweden and beyond the nation's borders. Our scientific achievements provide us with a stable basis for regrowth, strategic recruitments and bringing our successful tradition into an exciting future.

Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Our research in Analytical pharmaceutical chemistry is predominantly in bioanalysis – the investigation of drugs and metabolites in biological systems – with special emphasis on separation methods coupled to mass spectrometry..

Our main research directions are Drugs in the environment, Metabolomics and Drug metabolism and doping control, all with a multidisciplinary character.

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Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry

Our research in Pharmaceutical physical chemistry clarifies the relationships between the molecular structure of drug molecules, their physicochemical properties and the possibilities to control how they are stored in and released from different types of particulate drug carriers and formulations.

Our research is both experimental and theoretical, moving at the intersection of physical chemistry, drug formulation and materials science.

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Drug Design and Discovery

Our research in Drug design and discovery uses medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, molecular modelling and chemoinformatics to work on early drug discovery with a focus on anti-infective molecules

Our focus areas include hit identification and optimisation in drug discovery, structure-based drug design and computational modelling.

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Research in Drug Design and Discovery

Preparative Medicinal Chemistry

Research in Preparative Medicinal Chemistry

Our research in Preparative medicinal chemistry is mainly focused on the design and synthesis of molecules in early drug discovery research and on the development of new synthetic methods. The research environment includes the Beijer Laboratory for Drug Discovery.

Our focus areas include novel tools for molecular imaging and the development of new organic synthesis methods.

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Our research in Theranostics focuses on to – within the framework of the project Novel radionuclide imaging methods for molecular profiling of prostate cancer – develop radiolabeled targeting molecules for improved diagnosis, therapy and monitoring of prostate cancer.

Our primary strategy for visualisation of prostate cancer is radionuclide targeting of the prostate tumour markers.

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Research in theranostics

Translational PET imaging

Research in Translational imaging

Our research in translational imaging uses modern molecular imaging techniques, including Positron Emission Tomography (PET), in order to advance our understanding and management of different pathologies, in particular metabolic disease and cancer.

The research group is also developing novel molecular imaging technologies and offers training in several aspects of radiopharmaceutical development.

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Last modified: 2023-12-04