Principal Investigator

Dr. Paco Cárdenas

PhD students

Msc. Karin Steffen
Project: Linking Genomics and Metabolomics in the deep-sea sponge Geodia barretti

Msc. Vasiliki Koutsouveli or
Project: Structure, dispersal and connectivity patterns of key sponge species from cold waters and deep sea: from reproductive strategies to chemical features
(in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, London, Dr. Ana Riesgo's Lab)

Master students

Johanna Villén
Subject: Building a molecular network for the deep-sea sponge Geodia barretti

Kenneth Sandovall (from Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
Subject: Investigating specialized metabolite potential in marine sponges using genome mining.

Other students

Lidia Habtemikael (summer SOFOSKO student, 2017-2018)
Michaela Lindh (summer SOFOSKO student, 2017-2018)

Past students

Xavier Oleart i Martinez (Master student, ERASMUS, University of Barcelona, 2015)
Patrick Johnsson (Master student, autumn 2016)
Patryk Nilsson (Master student, autumn 2016)
Andre Matty (Master student, autumn 2016)
Merran Dunford (Master student, ERASMUS, University of Bath, UK, autumn 2016)
Gabriella Krogius (Master student, spring 2017)
Tareq Aljazar (Master student, spring 2017)

Past visiting researchers:
Dr. Noer Kasanah, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Visiting Researchers

External collaborators

Dr. Ana Riesgo (Natural History Museum, London, UK).

Dr. Joana R. Xavier (Bergen University, Bergen, Norway)

Prof. Hans Tore Rapp (Bergen University, Bergen, Norway)

Dr. Tompkins-MacDonald (Bedford Insitute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Canada)

PhD student Astrid Schuster (LMU, Munich, Germany)

Last modified: 2022-12-16