The Division of Pharmacognosy is focused on bioactive substances of natural origin. We develop strategies for selection, isolation and characterisation with the objective to discover unique bioactive chemical structures with drug potential, and to reveal unknown targets, by studying the evolutionary structure-activity optimization in Nature.

Research focus

In addition to the possibility to discover new drug candidates for drug development, bioactive natural products have potential as pharmacological tools, intermediates, or templates for synthesis of drugs. As a multidisciplinary division we conduct extensive national and international research collaborations in e.g. clinical pharmacology, marine chemical ecology, systematic botany and structural biology.

Our research represents a modernization and renewal of a venerable proven science, Pharmacognosy. With today's increased interest for environmental aspects, green chemistry, and a sustainable use of natural products, this renewal could have a strategic position in bridging chemistry and biology.

The ongoing projects are focused on chemistry and biology of ultra stable proteins, methods of selection and target-finding, antifouling and antibacterial molecules from marine organisms (sponges, nemertines), anti-inflammatory and antitumor activity of natural products.

The Pharmacognosy Research Group, BMC December 2015.

The Pharmacognosy Research Group, BMC December 2015.

Last modified: 2022-12-16