In the top 100 of articles in the largest scientific journal in the world


"Peptide ion channel toxins from the bootlace worm, the longest animal on Earth" received 4897 article views in 2018, placing it as one of the top 100 read papers for Scientific Reports in 2018. More than 17 000 papers were published in the journal last year, so a position in the top 100 most highly read articles is quite an achievement.

Authors are Erik Jacobsson, Håkan S. Andersson, Malin Strand, Steve Peigneur, Camilla Eriksson, Henrik Lodén, Mohammadreza Shariatgorji, Per E. Andrén, Eline K. M. Lebbe, K. Johan Rosengren, Jan Tytgat & Ulf Göransson. Congrats :)