Sweden's first Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals ready to launch


The Faculty of Pharmacy is at the forefront of the development of new biological drugs. In the autumn of 2022, the researchers will turn their expertise into a new Master's Programme that is already among Uppsala University's most popular.

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Apply for the Master's Programme no later than 19 April 2022

Protein-based drugs is a science moving forward fast. With a long half-life, and targeted action in the body, they enable effective treatments. However, creating the formulations that can deliver the protein to the goal remains a scientific challenge. Academia and industry are already in great need of new competence, and in the autumn semester of 2022, Uppsala University will launch a two-year Master's Programme with a focus on biological drugs.

“Despite the fact that our field has grown exponentially for almost ten years, advanced educational programmes related to biopharmaceuticals are few and far between. Our Master's Programme will be the first in Sweden and one of only a handful in Europe. To break new ground entails a great deal of responsibility, and we are receiving a fantastic response. We have already engaged several leading research environments, which means that our courses will cover the entire life cycle of biological drugs," says Jamie Morrison, Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Jamie Morrison, Lecturer
Jamie Morrison, program coordinator

An impressive number of applicants confirms a great interest among the students as well. The program has immediately gained a position among Uppsala University's most popular, and now the task awaits to compose an optimal mix of participants, while even more pharmaceutical companies continue to join the network surrounding the program.

“If Sweden is to meet future competence needs, an international recruitment base is required, and our intention is to accept a majority of foreign students. The companies and authorities we are in dialogue with recognize great value in meeting potential employees early. Several of them have already confirmed that they will contribute with guest lectures and to host degree projects, and I am convinced that this autumn we will launch a program of the highest quality," says Jamie Morrison.


  • The Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals will be given at full-time and in English. Last date to register is 19 April 2022 with course start Autumn term 2022.
  • The programme will lead to a Master of Pharmaceutical Science (120 credits) with Drug Discovery and Development as the main field of study.
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy already offers two international master's programs with a focus on Drug Discovery and Development and Pharmaceutical Modelling.



Jamie Morrison, Faculty of PharmacyJamie Morrison, Faculty of Pharmacy
Lecturer, program coordinator

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