Linn Mandahl next guest in Profiler i branschen


Alumni association Farmis once again invites you to the inspiration series Profiler i branschen (Industry profiles), where you meet exciting persons in pharma. The first guest of 2022 is Linn Mandahl, pharmacist and CEO of pharmaceutical company AbbVie. Join via Zoom on Wednesday 9 February.

Linn Mandahl, pharmacist and CEO of AbbVie
Linn Mandahl, pharmacist and CEO of AbbVie

Inspiration series Profiler i branschen offer meetings with exciting people in the field of pharmacy who provide inspiration and show the many possibilities a pharmaceutical education can offer. The series is aimed at alumni, pharmacy students and everyone with an interest in the world of pharmaceuticals.

In 2022, we will start with Linn Mandahl, a powerful leader and CEO of pharmaceutical company AbbVie, before that she was CEO of Takeda in Sweden. Linn has a pharmacist degree and extensive experience from the pharmaceutical industry in various roles as sales, marketing and business area manager. Wednesday 9 February, you can hear Linn talk about:

  • Why she chose to become a pharmacist
  • Her career journey from pharmacist to CEO of a pharmaceutical company and professional board
  • Future thoughts about the industry with digitalisation in focus
  • … and hopefully give us all some good advice and career tips!

You don’t want to miss this. See you on Zoom 9 February 2022!



Elin Svedin, chair
Alumni Association Farmis

photo: AbbVie a o

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Last modified: 2022-11-10