From the mind of researcher Nadia Petersen • About to leave us for LEO Pharma


After almost three years at Uppsala University, I’m leaving to join LEO Pharma in Copenhagen. I have had a fantastic time here working together with Prof. Mats Larhed and Prof. Em. Anders Hallberg synthesising small molecule agonists for the AT2 receptor. 

When I arrived in Uppsala, I was new to the field of medicinal chemistry but during my time here I’ve realised this is exactly what I want to do in my career; synthesising small important molecules which can contribute towards curing diseases.

During the last year we’ve collaborated with a company and I am fascinated by the fast-flowing environment with an incredibly short timeframe from the moment I completed a molecule until we received the results of the biological tests. I’m looking forward to join the team of highly motivated and hard-working medicinal chemists at LEO and get to focus entirely on wet-lab chemistry.

After six years abroad, I’m returning home to Denmark and though it has been learning about other cultures, my inner Dane is happy to once again be among Danes. This I realised, when I visited LEO and felt at home, despite being there for the first time and never having lived in Copenhagen. I’m very grateful for the opportunities Mats has given me and everything he has taught me, and I’d like to once again thank him for the three years we have worked together.

Nadia Petersen
The Department of Medicinal Chemistry

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Last modified: 2022-11-10