"We must restore the community between the faculty's PhD students


Just a minute… Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson, new Chair of The Pharmaceutical Doctoral Student Council (FDR), which is currently launching a broad and long-term agenda for the faculty's PhD students to work in the best possible environment. First on the list: Taco Night with a twist."

The Pharmaceutical Doctoral Student board 21/22
The Pharmaceutical Doctoral Student Union board 21/22

What is happening right now in the FDR?
”First and foremost, we need to restore and strengthen the community between the faculty's PhD students, both within and between the departments. With the pandemic and recent reorganization, much has been paused, so we are currently sketching on both new and reliable arenas to meet. First out will be a Taco Night with a twist that we will soon invite all PhD students to.”

What are the ambitions of the Council in a longer term?
“Our overall goal is for all PhD students to be able to conduct their studies in the best possible environment. In order to meet every need, it is necessary for us to listen to as many opinions and experiences as possible. Therefore, we are now working to engage even more people to attend our monthly meetings and engage in the issues that concern us PhD students.

What is in focus at the Council meetings?
“We keep a relaxed atmosphere where any matter can be discussed, but some recurring themes on our agenda are skills development, conferences and the harmonisation of mutual processes for PhD students, such as teaching, prolongiations, research tracks, course credits, the individual study plan (ISP) and supervision. In the future, we will follow the work to digitalise our ISPs and establish a dynamic list of all the scholarships that the faculty's PhD students can apply for.

Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson
Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson

How will you arouse the commitment of newly acccepted PhD students?
“We are currently exploring new ways of communication to reach out as widely as possible. Among many things, we started the autumn term with sending out a presentation of the FDR board and activities, accompanied by a digital invitation to all term meetings. It has proven effective and at the faculty meeting in September, we doubled the number of participants. Now, we hope that all supervisors will help spread the word about FDR so that we will see even more faces in the future.

What does the FDR board do between monthly meetings?
“We are six members who represent the faculty's PhD students in various committees and boards. I participate in the Disciplinary Domain Board and Executive Comittee. Our Vice Chair, Fanny Lundmark, participates in the Disciplinary Domain Research Training Committee, Secretary Frida Bällgren in the Pharmaceutical Committee and our Treasurer Esther Olaniran in GRUFF. Board members Matthew Rosenberg and Erik Bivehed are representatives in the Doctoral Student Board and the Research Infrastructure Committee, respectively.

We also have a nomination committee with two members and Chair Oliver Degerstedt, who is also Chair of Uppsala University's Doctoral Board Committee. We are also represented in each department board. All in all, it provides us the opportunity to raise issues on a variety of levels, and my experience is that our ideas are well perceived.

Finally, what personal skills do you bring with you into this assignment?
“Among other things, leadership training and the position as Local Quality Responsible Person, a Master's degree project at Harvard Medical School and, since January 2019, PhD studies at the Department of Pharmacy linked to SweDeliver. Last year, I was also Vice Chair of the FDR with a focus on strengthening communication between PhD students, so hopefully I have accumulated knowledge that will benefit the faculty's PhD students during my presidency.


  • Represents the PhD students at the Faculty of Pharmacy in various committees and boards.
  • Ensures that all PhD students can complete their studies in a good working environment and under good employment conditions.
  • Handles issues concerning research and postgraduate education and works for a secure education from admission to dissertation.
  • Arranges regular meetings and career and social events.
  • Conducts close collaboration with the Uppsala University Doctoral Board and the Doctoral Council of Faculty of Medicine


  • Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson, Department of Pharmacy, Chair
  • Fanny Lundmark, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Vice Chair
  • Esther Olaniran, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Treasurer
  • Frida Bällgren, Department of Pharmacy, Secretary
  • Erik Bivehed, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, member
  • Matthew Rosenberg, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, member

FDR Nomination Committee 2021

  • Oliver Degerstedt, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Chair
  • Two members (vacanciescontact Oliver Degerstedt for more information)



Rosita Kneiszl Pettersson, Chair
Pharmaceutical Doctoral Student Council

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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