How to avoid Zoom-overload at the start of the semester


With experience from January 2020, capacity problems are expected in Zoom when many higher education institutions hold start-up meetings and welcome seminars at the same time. Here you will find recommendations for your Zoom meetings during the start of the autumn term.

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At the start of this spring semester, all higher education institutions in Sweden had far more simultaneous users in Zoom than the service is dimensioned to handle. This meant a major capacity problem for Zoom and the service was unstable for a number of days. When the use returned to normal level, the service worked as intended.

To prevent similar problems during the start of the autumn term, the supplier Nordunet will temporarily increase the capacity in Zoom. Still, the autumn semester means more new students and it is difficult to calculate the number of simultaneous Zoom users who will join during the first days of the semester. Only a temporary increase in capacity also entails large costs, which is why Nordunet is trying to balance the measures.

Recommendations to avoid overload during the start of the semester:

  • If possible, plan digital activities at start times other than 09.00 and 13.00, as many higher education institutions use these particular times.
  • Large meetings and seminars not related to the start of the semester should be planned for other days than the first days of the semester.
  • New employees and new students should register and test their Zoom account well in advance of the start of the semester so that they have time to try and familiarise with the tool.

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