Watch the documentary Picture a Scientist


For 72 hours, between Tuesday 20 April and Thursday 22 April, you have the opportunity to watch the documentary "Picture a Scientist" about the challenges facing female researchers.

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Through the Committee for Equal Opportunities at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, Uppsala University has acquired the rights to show the documentary "Picture a Scientist" to all students and employees.

The film, which was highlighted at the Tribeca Film Festival 2020, highlights inequalities and challenges for female researchers in academia. In the film, researchers Nancy Hopkins, Raychelle Burks and Jane Willenbring tell about their experiences and what we can do to make the university world more inclusive.

Employees at Uppsala university will have access to a link and password on the Employee Portal 48 hours before the film becomes available.

As the rights only apply to employees and students at Uppsala University, it is important not to spread the link and password outside the university.


text: Petter Cronsten

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Last modified: 2024-04-08