The NorDoc Summer School 2023 has started!


Tuesday 15 August, Vice-Rector Mats Larhed welcomed the participants of the 6th annual NorDoc Summer School to Sweden, Uppsala University and a scientific arena uniting researchers from all over Northern Europe in the search for effective methods to handle the accelerating antibiotic resistance.

The NorDoc Summer School has arrived at Uppsala University
The NorDoc Summer School arriving at Uppsala University

Starting Tuesday, Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet will host the NorDoc Summer School: Antibiotics according to a new generation. This sixth edition of the annual international three day research school will highlight Antimicrobial resistance: defined by the World Health Organization, WHO, as one of the ten biggest threats to global public health.

“Uppsala is a hub for both strong research and several important initiatives in the field of antibiotics. Nevertheless, we have reached the point where international and interdisciplinary cooperation is necessary, and the fact that we are today welcoming researchers, experts and policy makers from numerous countries to Uppsala is a significant step to further sharpen our tools,” says Anders Backlund, Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and coordinator of the event.

According to NorDoc traditions, the host university chooses a focus area based on its own strengths, and with the Uppsala Antibiotic Center, ENABLE-2 and ReAct within its own corridors, antibiotics were a natural theme as NorDoc trusted Uppsala University to arrange this summer's meeting place. In the next three days, workshops and lectures will be presented by a number of frontline researchers, and Friday's closing panel in the Uppsala University Main Auditorium is best described as a who's who in the field of antibiotics.

Mats Larhed, Peter Stålberg and Eva Garmendia
Mats Larhed, Peter Stålberg and Eva Garmendia

“Bacteria cannot be stopped by national borders, and it is gratifying that we, via NorDoc, can utilize our regional strengths in antibiotic research to continue the development of our Nordic collaborations. In addition, it is inspiring to see the number of junior researchers that have travelled here to participate in this meeting, which undoubtedly bodes well for our future work,” states Mats Larhed, Vice-Rector at Uppsala University's Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The NorDoc Summer School is also an important arena for PhD Students and Postdocs from the Nordic countries. Here, junior researchers build professional networks, share experiences and receive valuable input for their future studies. During their visit in Uppsala and Stockholm, they have, among many things, the opportunity to visit the Nobel Forum - workplace for Karolinska Institutet’s Nobel Assembly – as well as to present their ongoing research at Thursday’s poster sessions in the Uppsala University Main Building.

Pitsiree Praphandwittaya and Doaa Higazy
Pitsiree Praphandwittaya and Doaa Higazy

“I arrived in Uppsala yesterday and have used the time to visit the Linnéaus Garden and the Uppsala Cathedral. Now I'm looking forward to experiencing the NorDoc Summer School and to learn what is in the pipeline within pharmaceutical research, especially with a focus on the field of antibiotics in which I am active," says Pitsiree Praphandwittaya, Postdoc at the University of Iceland.


  • NorDoc Summer School 2023 is arranged in Uppsala and Solna, 16–18 August 2023
  • NorDoc Summer School 2023 is organized in collaboration between Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet, Region Uppsala, Uppsala University Hospital, ReAct, Uppsala Antibiotic Center and Uppsala Municipality.
  • NorDoc Network gather 21 universities and research institutes in six countries.
Juniora forskare på plats för NorDoc Summer School 2023
Junior researchers looking forward to the NorDoc Summer School 2023



Anders BacklundAnders Backlund, Professor
Uppsala University

text & photo: Magnus Alsne

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