SweDeliver and NextBioForm conference brings the pharmaceutical world to Uppsala


27-29 November, Competence centers SweDeliver and NextBioForm will host the New Horizons in Drug Delivery and Formulation 2023 conference, an international arena where academia and industry meet in Uppsala to present the latest scientific advances in drug formulation and delivery.

New Horizons in Drug Delivery and Formulation 2023

“All over the world, scientists are working to meet the numerous needs for new and improved treatment strategies. This November, we will gather our field at Uppsala Concert & Congress to share up to date knowledge and pave the way for future innovations. Simultaneously, we will place great emphasis on networking and adding renewed energy to existing contacts,” says Alexandra Teleki, Center co-Director of SweDeliver.

Clare Strachan, University of Helsinki
Clare Strachan, University of Helsinki

The conference's scientific program includes four sessions highlighting Delivery of Biologics, Drug delivery and formulation, Virtual drug delivery and Advanced analytics and characterization methods - each led by a specially invited expert reporting directly from the research front. Also on the list of key note speakers is Clare Strachan, Professor at the University of Helsinki, who will visit Uppsala to participate in the John Sjögren seminar, this year with focus on future challenges in drug development.

“As national competence centers with complementary tasks, we are experiencing important synergistic effects in creating joint forums for the exchange of knowledge. We have for the past two years arranged a seminar series where our junior employees present their projects, and will at our upcoming conference include, among many things, two poster sessions and a discounted participation fee for PhD Students in order to further strengthen the interactions between today's and future researchers,” says Christel Bergström, Center Director of SweDeliver.

Preparations for the conference are ongoing and new program items are published continuously. Registration is open.



  • SweDeliver is a national competence center in drug delivery. With Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy as the academic hub and 16 industrial partners, SweDeliver conducts research on parenteral, oral and pulmonary administration.
  • NextBioForm is a center with 18 partners, providing cutting edge research on industrially relevant issues for formulation and characterisation of biologically based drug products.


Christel Bergström, Professor
Center Director, SweDeliver

​Alexandra TelekiAlexandra Teleki, Associate Professor
Center co-Director, SweDeliver

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