From the Faculty of Pharmacy to all of you: Have a fantastic summer


With sundrenched students on the BMC lawns and midsummer around the corner, the time has come to sum up our third year as Dean and Deputy dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy. And as always, it's easy to be amazed at the accomplishments of our fantastic researchers, teachers and students.

Mathias Hallberg and Anja Sandström, the Faculty of Pharmacy
Mathias Hallberg and Anja Sandström, the Faculty of Pharmacy

In fact, it is impossible to single out one, or even a few, among all inspiring initiatives. Instead, we look ahead. Towards late June when our faculty hosts the international conference Tuberculosis in the Baltic region. The Almedalen Week, where we are the hub of a series of exciting seminars. The international summit Cerebrovascular Biology 2023 that we are bringing to Uppsala. The NorDoc Summer School, gathering PhD students from all over the Nordics at our University. And towards the outcome of the external review of our revised Master of Science Program in Pharmacy, something we will return to this fall!

We'll settle there. It is time to let you, appreciated colleagues, alumni and friends, get ready for a well-deserved holiday. We wish you all a fantastic summer. We will meet again in September!

Mathias Hallberg, Dean
Anja Sandström, Deputy dean
Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

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Last modified: 2024-04-08