Lindon Moodie looks for new antibiotics outside the box


The Swedish Research Council recently invested SEK 30(!) million in the Faculty of Pharmacy's research. Associate Professor Lindon Moodie received SEK 3.84 million for his project Degradation of bacterial target proteins. Join us for a quick Q&A-check on the status of the project.

Afternoon in the corridor with Lindon Moodie
Afternoon in the corridor with Lindon Moodie

What’s up at Lab Moodie?
"We are participating in the search for new classes of antibiotics, but using a map that leads a bit outside the traditional box. Rather than inhibiting, for example, an enzyme in the bacteria, we are using so-called degraders. They trick the bacteria’s own ”waste disposal” system to permanently destroy a target protein that we choose. The degrader is then released and continues its work."

Lindon and colleague Anja Sandström
Lindon and colleague Anja Sandström

How did you discover this track?
"A similar concept, PROTACS, is popular for targeting human diseases. But it doesn’t translate directly to bacteria, so I had to find a different path. In an article, Polish Molecular biologist Maria Górna describes potential strategies for bacterial degraders. I realized that we are approaching the same idea from different angles. A few zooms later, we are collaborators."

What awaits at the rainbow’s end?
"How about a general antibiotic development platform. Just change the protein targeting ligand and you have a new antibiotic!"


  • Lindon Moodie conducts research in Chemical Biology, a discipline in which synthetic organic chemistry allows us to access tools for exploring research questions within a biological framework.
  • Lindon Moodie is in particular interested in synthesising and evaluating small molecule probes to investigate their biological targets in both humans and bacteria.
  • Ultimately, he aims to develop novel, selective antibiotics to eradicate pathogenic bacteria whilst minimising collateral damage against commensal microbes.



Lindon MoodieLindon Moodie, Associate Professor
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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