Join the cast of Faculty of Pharmacy • The Movie


Monday 6 February 2023 we will film Faculty of Pharmacy • The Movie at Uppsala Biomedical Centre. Of course, we want as many students and employees as possible to star in the film, so Save The Date and join us on the set for a fun-filled experience!

Join the cast of: Faculty of Pharmacy • The Movie

As part of our work to promote all the exciting work going on at our Faculty of Pharmacy, we are currently preparing to make a film about our research and student life.

The date for filming is set for Monday, February 6. During this day, our faculty will welcome four middle school students from Uppsala Music Classes who will experience current research at our faculty's three departments.

In one scene the students will visit Pharmen to join Fat Cotton – Uppsala University’s hardest working Rock’n’Roll-trio – on stage to give a concert with members:

  • Per Hansson • Professor, guitar & vocals
  • Anders Hagfeldt • Vice-chancellor & drums
  • Tomas Edvinsson • Professor & bass
  • With A VERY Special Guest!

To accomplish this, we need to fill Pharmen with a swingin’ crowd, and this is where you join the picture: Bring your fellow students and colleagues to Pharmen 6 February at 15.00 for a heart-stopping, house-rocking, earth-quaking and, above all fun-filled, experience!

Fat Cotton – Uppsala University’s hardest working Rock’n’Roll-trio
Fat Cotton: Live at Pharmen Monday 6 February, 3PM.


Magnus AlsneMagnus Alsne, Communications officer
Faculty of Pharmacy

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