ENABLE-2 expands its operations with a fifth development program


National platform ENABLE-2 continues to expand its project portfolio with a fifth development program in order to assist Thioredoxin Systems AB throughout the development of their EbsArgent product.


Antimicrobial resistance is a growing problem, defined by the WHO as one of the ten greatest threats to global public health. The Swedish Research Council has invested SEK 25 million in ENABLE-2, a national continuation of the European collaboration ENABLE, which has already developed several antibacterial drug candidates.

Anders Karlén, Farmaceutiska fakulteten & ENABLE-2
Anders Karlén, Faculty of Pharmacy​ & ENABLE-2

“To face the challenges regarding antimicrobial resistance requires a wide range of new solutions, and we are excited to explore completely new broad-spectrum products such as EbsArgent, a unique chemical combination that shows very promising activity against a diversity of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens,” says Anders Karlén, professor at Uppsala University’s Faculty of Pharmacy and coordinator of ENABLE-2.

ENABLE-2 assists SME:s and academic research groups in taking their antibiotic projects from early development stages up to a Lead declaration. With the inclusion of the Thioredoxin Systems program, ENABLE-2 expands its portfolio to five programs.


  • ENABLE-2 is a national platform that offers project support for the development of antibacterial drugs.
  • ENABLE-2 is funded with SEK 25 million by the Swedish Research Council
  • SMEs receiving positive evaluation from ENABLE-2 can apply for funding from Vinnova
  • ENABLE-2 is coordinated at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University.
  • ENABLE was initiated in 2014 through the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a collaboration between the European Commission and the European pharmaceutical industry with the aim of taking a drug candidate all the way to testing on humans. By the end of the project in October 2021, several promising Lead and Candidate molecules had been developed and one Candidate had completed a Phase I study with a positive outcome.



Elias ArnérElias Arnér, MD PhD, Board Member, Scientific Advisor
Thioredoxin Systems AB
+46 70 556 96 94, ea@txnsystems.com

Mohamad TakwaMohamad Takwa, PhD, Board Member, CEO
Thioredoxin Systems AB
+46 72-322 22 21, mt@txnsystems.com

Anders KarlénAnders Karlén, coordinator, Professor
The Faculty of Pharmacy

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Last modified: 2024-04-08