Sara Mangsbo receives the BiotechBuilders Award


“Receiving the BiotechBuilders Award 2022 provides valuable inspiration and hopefully contributes to consolidating Uppsala's and Biopharmaceutical’s places on the Swedish Life Science map,” states Sara Mangsbo, research director in immuno-oncology at Uppsala University.

Sara Mangsbo, researcher, innovator and entrepreneur
Sara Mangsbo: Researcher, innovator and entrepreneur

Sara Mangsbo, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy, receives the BiotechBuilders Award 2022, a prize given each year to an entrepreneur who has created unique opportunities which brings the Swedish Life Science industry forward. The organization behind the award, BiotechBuilders, states in its motivation that Sara Mangsbo:

"for more than a decade has translated her research into immunological methodology and precision medicine immunological treatment of cancer into numerous patents, innovations and life science companies.”

Sara Mangsbo leads a research environment in immuno-oncology that with repeated success transforms scientific results into business ideas. She is co-founder of Immuneed AB, VivoLogica AB and Strike Pharma AB, as well as Head of innovation at Ultimovacs ASA/AB and Head of research at Strike Pharma AB. An impressive track record that has already earned Sara Mangsbo the titles Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 and Swedish Super Talent, as well as receiving the ÅForsk Entrepreneur Scholarship and Uppsala University's innovation award Hjärnäpplet 2020.

Sara Mangsbo, Faculty of Pharmacy
Sara Mangsbo, Faculty of Pharmacy

“It is very inspiring for me to work in the borderlands between industry and academia. It provides new networks and increases my understanding of companies’ conditions, while I, together with my research team, am able to take on unanswered scientific questions that can create the basis for new innovations and companies. Receiving the BiotechBuilders Award gives me valuable energy in research, education and collaboration and contributes to consolidating Uppsala's place on the Swedish Life Science map. This is truly a city where interaction between industry and academia is made possible and where we work together for innovation and job creation within Life Science and Biopharmaceuticals,” says Sara Mangsbo.

BiotechBuilders was initiated in Denmark in 2002 with the aim of providing extra energy to the nation's biotech entrepreneurs and industry. After seven successful years, the idea was imported to Sweden, where BiotechBuilders since 2009 has arranged meeting places for executives in Life Science. Sara Mangsbo received the BiotechBuilders Award 2022 at this year's forum - Intelligence Of The Future - which took place 29 August at Stora Frösunda farm.


Title  Senior Lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy
In the news  Winner of the BiotechBuilders Award 2022
Get my best ideas  When I’m exercising or when I wake up in the morning.
Driving force as a researcher  Trying to solve something that makes a difference for someone else. Immuneed is the example that has gone furthest, filling a need in the industry with an ambition to minimise risks for people involved in clinical trials.



Sara Mangsbo, Research Director
Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2024-04-08