Uppsala University ranks 23rd in the world in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences


The 2022 Academic Ranking of World Universities is official: Uppsala University continues to climb in the field of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and now ranks 23rd in the world. "This is yet another acknowledgment that our determined work is fruitful," states Mathias Hallberg, Dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Research at the Faculty of Pharmacy

The Academic Ranking of World Universities – often referred to as the Shanghai ranking – has presented the 2022 ranking of individual universities and their performance in 54 different subjects. Uppsala University ranks 89th in the world out of 5,000 evaluated universities. Looking at specific subjects, Uppsala excels above all in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, where the university climbs two more steps and now ranks 23rd.

Mathias Hallberg, Dean, the Faculty of Pharmacy
Mathias Hallberg, Dean, the Faculty of Pharmacy

“Regardless of how you look at university rankings, top positions acknowledge a job well done. Our faculty is achieving great success in research and calls. We are about to launch Sweden's first Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals. That our determined work and successful collaboration with Uppsala University's Faculty of Medicine is now reflected in the Shanghai ranking gives us important inspiration for the future,” says Mathias Hallberg, Dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

In its evaluation, the Shanghai ranking primarily compare research-related data, international cooperation and international awards. In the category Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Uppsala University currently ranks just above, among others, Columbia University, Sorbonne and University of California, Los Angeles.


  • Compare and rank a number of universities in lists, often from a quality perspective.
  • Data can come from different types of sources: official statistics, bibliometrics, online analyses, etc.
  • From these sources, different data are retrieved and different indicators are weighed against each other and combined into a final number that can be presented as a grade or measure of quality at a specific university.



Mathias Hallberg, Dean
Faculty of Pharmacy

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2024-04-08