The Faculty of Pharmacy to promote eight new doctors


On Wednesday 25 May, Uppsala University invites to the second Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony of this spring term. The Faculty of Pharmacy is promoting eight new doctors that have added important knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals. Welcome to follow the celebration online.

At 07.00 on Wednesday 25 May, a traditional cannon salute will be fired in Slottsbacken as Uppsala University carries out its equally traditional spring promotion. After two years of digital promotions, both new doctors and the public are once again welcome to the Uppsala University Grand Auditorium. You who cannot attend the ceremony on site can follow the promotion online via

The Faculty of Pharmacy is promoting eight new doctors who have added important results and new knowledge in a number of drug-related subjects, from how stress and alcohol affect adolescent behavior to treatments for drug-resistant tuberculosis. The faculty would like to congratulate you all on a very well conducted scientific work. At this time, we also want to give our warmest congratulations to our three Jubilee doctors who were promoted in 1972: Conny Bogentoft, Hans Selander and Hans Sievertsson.

New doctors at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Ceder, Mikaela. Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences: Characterization of Novel Solute Carriers in Humans, Mice and Flies: Solute Carriers in a Broad and Narrow Perspective

Engen, Karin. Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Preparative Medicinal Chemistry. Inhibitors Targeting Insulin-Regulated Aminopeptidase (IRAP): Identification, Synthesis and Evaluation

Erngren, Ida. Department of Medicinal Chemistry: Analytical method development in liquid chromatography- mass spectrometry based metabolomics

Lundberg, Stina. Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences: Adolescent behavior: Links to early-life stress and alcohol in male and female rats

Pirttilä, Kristian. Department of Medicinal Chemistry: Development of analytical methods for the determination of the small molecule component of complex biological systems

Rinne, Sara Sophie. Department of Medicinal Chemistry: Affibody-Based Molecular Imaging and Targeted Therapy of HER3-Expressing Cancer

Sara Rinne, new doctor at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Tanneau, Lénaïg. Department of Pharmacy: Pharmacokinetic, efficacy and safety modeling of new treatments against drug-resistant tuberculosis

Vallianatou, Theodosia. Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences: Advanced Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Neuropharmacology


  • 07:00 Cannon salute, Slottsbacken
  • 08:00 Bell ringing, Uppsala Cathedral
  • 12:00 Conferment Ceremony, Uppsala University Grand Auditorium (audience shall be seated 11:45)



Backlund, Anders
Vice Dean, Research training

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt m fl

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