Freestanding courses important tools for lifelong learning


With the launch of several new freestanding courses, the Faculty of Pharmacy takes a central position in the government's prioritised work to strengthen and develop competence supply and lifelong learning.

Apply for the Faculty of Pharmacy freestanding courses 22/23  no later than15 April
Apply for the Faculty of Pharmacy freestanding courses 22/23 no later than 15 April

“We are receiving funding to develop freestanding courses that correspond to current and future tasks in society and healthcare. In 2021 we launched a series of new courses with focus on, among other subjects, drugs in the environment and nano-drugs. Our ambition is to offer courses that are suitable for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry aiming to update and specialise their knowledge, and our initiative arouses great interest among the target group,” states Anja Sandström, Deputy Dean for first and second cycle education.

Anja Sandström, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
Anja Sandström, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy

Every year, the Faculty of Pharmacy offers over 60 freestanding courses. From previously mainly gathering the participants at the Uppsala Biomedical Center, the pandemic was the starting point of a complementary digital initiative. During the summer, several courses are also conducted at Campus Gotland, not least the highly appreciated course Chemistry, Biology and Ecology of Truffle-Forming Fungi where participants visit both natural habitats and plantations to learn to identify a selection of the economically important truffles.

“We continuously renew and adjust our range of courses with regard to what society and participants demand. Today, several reports identify an increased need for knowledge in artificial intelligence, thus, we are translating our cutting-edge research in this field into several relevant courses. And the very fact that our faculty can mobilize expertise along the entire life cycle of pharmaceutical drugs makes our freestanding courses effective tools in Sweden's ongoing investment in lifelong learning.”

The application period for the Faculty of Pharmacy freestanding courses 22/23 is open until 15 April.



Anja Sandström, The Faculty of PharmacyAnja Sandström
Deputy Dean, first and second cycle education, 018-471 5026

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2024-04-08