Translating PKPD – (Retro)Perspectives • An introduction

During the last decades, the area of pharmacokinetics - pharmacodynamics (PKPD) has transformed preclinical and clinical drug development towards lower attrition rates and with pharmacometrics driving an ever increasing precision in clinical trial design and interpretation of outcomes.

In parallel, there has been an enormous expansion of therapeutic drug modalities from small molecules to biologics to cell therapies and other innovative treatments. What will be the role of translational PKPD in future drug development?  

Scientists from Uppsala University, including Prof. Emerita Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes have united their efforts to organise the summit for PKPD experts and professionals interested in the field to discuss future strategies in preclinical and clinical PKPD.

The conference agenda, with participation from internationally renowned scientists, will focus on development and applications of PK concepts with special focus on central nervous system, novel methods to study PK at various levels in health and disease, in vitro cell culture models and their predictive value for in vivo conditions, as well as translation of PKPD data from cells to preclinical animals to patients.

A discussion panel with active participation of the audience on “Will we need to continue developing experimental PKPD toolboxes in the future or will in silico predictions drive the area forward?” will also be held.

We are delighted to invite you to the meeting on Translating PKPD – (Retro)Perspectives, organized at Uppsala University.

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Last modified: 2022-08-08