Scientific Program • 27 January 2022

Here you will find the current scientific program for the symposium 27 January 2022. Please note that late changes may occur.

8.20    Registration

8.50    Welcome and opening words
           Professor Christel Bergström
           Uppsala University

Session 1: New drug modalities

Professor Per Artursson
           Uppsala University

9.00   Therapeutic oligonucleotide development at the national OligoNova Hub
           Professor Pär Matsson, University of Gothenburg
           Scientific Director, OligoNova Hub – SciLifeLab infrastructure for development of therapeutic oligonucleotides

9.20     Engineering extracellular vesicles for targeted delivery of biotherapeutics
Professor Samir EL Andaloussi
            Karolinska Institutet

10.00   Drug delivery flash presentations

10.15   Coffee & Digital Poster Session        

Session 2: Data driven life sciences

             Professor Christel Bergström
             Uppsala University

11.00     Image analysis and AI/machine learning in drug discovery
Professor Carolina Wählby
              Uppsala University

11.40     Automating cell profiling with robotics and AI
Professor Ola Spjuth
              Uppsala University

12.00     Drug delivery flash presentations

12.15     Lunch

Session 3: New drug modalities

              Dr. Madlen Hubert
              Uppsala University     

13.30     Designing conjugated siRNA for extrahepatic delivery
        Dr. Annabelle Biscans, Oligonucleotide Discovery
              BioPharmaceuticals R&D, AstraZeneca

13.50     Measuring the intact mass of proteins using mass spectrometry
              Dr. Jimmy Ytterberg, UDOPP, SciLifeLab DDD
              Uppsala University

14.15      From Farm to Pharmacy: A Strawberry-Derived Solution to Oral Protein Delivery
               Professor Kathryn A. Whitehead
               Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (US)

15.00      Coffee & Digital Poster Session

Session 4: Data driven life sciences

                Associate Professor Pawel Baranczewski
                UDOPP, SciLifeLab DDD, Uppsala University

15.45       Registry data: a gold-mine for DDLS pharmacometrics, or?
Associate Professor Maria Kjellsson
                Uppsala University 

16.05        AI for Drug Design
Adjunct Professor Ola Engkvist, Chalmers University of Technology
                 Molecular AI, Discovery Sciences, AstraZeneca R&D

16.45        End

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