27 January • Online

11th Symposium on Pharmaceutical Profiling in Drug Discovery and Development

Research at the drug delivery program

Drug Delivery at Uppsala University

The Drug Delivery research program at Uppsala University spans three branches: Drug delivery and disposition (Prof. Per Artursson), Profiling of Poorly Soluble Drugs (Prof. Christel Bergström) and the Uppsala Drug Optimisation and Pharmaceutical Profiling platform.

Lab Artursson aim to understand drug absorption and disposition at the molecular and cellular level in order to deliver drugs more effectively. The group also focus on the distribution and function of important drug-transporting proteins in the human body to understand drug disposition and drug-drug interactions better.

Lab Bergström has a strong interest in understanding the molecular reasons resulting in a poor aqueous solubility and have established tools for computational pharmaceutics that guide the formulation scientists in successful development pathways for a particular compound. The group is also developing a virtual intestine to enable evaluation optimization of new dosage forms in the computer.

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Last modified: 2022-01-13