Sara Mangsbo new guest in Forskarpodden • "The ways of vaccines against cancer"


Immunotherapy using biological drugs is a powerful method to fight cancer. For example, vaccines against cancer are being developed that can activate the body's immune system and be used against several different types of cancer. Sara Mangsbo, research director in immuno-oncology, tells how it works in a new episode of Uppsala University's Research Podcast “Forskarpodden”.

Sara Mangsbo, research director in immune-oncology
Sara Mangsbo, research director in immuno-oncology

Cancer researcher and entrepreneur Sara Mangsbo is at the center of this exciting development. In addition to her research, she has started three companies to take her research results to the clinic.

“The challenge is to make sure that we understand how to use the combination of different immuno-therapies in a smart way and to collect data fast enough to provide patients effective treatments,” she states in the latest episode of Forskarpodden.

Sara Mangsbo also states that the belief in cancer vaccines has resurfaced in recent years.

“The reason for this is that a new toolbox has reached the clinic called checkpoint inhibitors. We did not have these tools in the early 2000s or in the 90s when cancer vaccines were tried for a long time.”

With the new technology, the t cells in the body's own immune system are strengthened, so that they can fight the cancer. This, so-called therapeutic vaccination, can prolong the survival of patients with disseminated cancer.

Up for more? Ok, "Anyone who has not seen or heard Sara Mangsbo's name in the media in recent years has probably not been very attentive," states magazine Onkologi i Sverige, headlining its March issue with a 6-page report on the researcher and super-entrepreneur than can be read here.




Sara MangsboSara Mangsbo, research director in immuno-oncology
Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

text: Annica Hulth, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2022-11-08