SweDeliver announces recruitment of summer interns 2022


SweDeliver is preparing to hire summer interns 2022. “Both students and companies that participated last summer were extremely positive, so it is an easy decision for us to develop this concept further, says Center Director Christel Bergström.

Get ready to apply for a SweDeliver summer internship 2022
Get ready to apply for a SweDeliver summer internship 2022

Are you a late stage master student in pharmacy, biomedicine, engineering or medicine? Then you have the opportunity to do a summer internship at one of SweDeliver's industrial partners. Here you will participate in a research project and gather practical experience of pharmaceutical work in an industrial context while building personal networks for your professional future in Life science.

“This initiative adds increased mobility between universities and leading pharmaceutical companies in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Belgium. In parallel, we already see how the internships provide an important platform for SweDeliver's recruitments of undergraduate students and doctoral students, so this investment definitely generates great value for all parties,” states Center Director Christel Bergström.

In the summer of 2021, six students did an internship within the framework of SweDeliver. Among the many applicants, Samar Omer, a Master student in in Drug Discovery and Development, was identified as the perfect match for Orexo AB, a Swedish company devoted to improve pharmaceuticals based on innovative drug delivery technologies.

“For Orexo, hiring a SweDeliver intern was a win-win that definitely added value. Samar Omer made important contributions in producing and presenting research results of high class. We strengthened our collaboration with Uppsala University and SweDeliver and Samar gained industrial experience. So yes, we are definitely open to hiring more summer interns,” states Mattias Springfelter, Head of Pharmaceutical Development at Orexo AB.

Samar Omer, summer intern 2021
Samar Omer, summer intern 2021

Samar Omer, who previously has worked as a product manager, focusing on marketing of dosage forms with innovative drug delivery systems, in turn only has positive words to say about her summer as a SweDeliver intern at Orexo.

“I enjoyed a very warm welcome at Orexo, and it was really rewarding to be involved in the development of new pharmaceutical products. To see how hard everyone strives for a common goal, and the great support everyone gave me in my tasks. I honestly cannot imagine a more pleasant working environment, and I hope that my experiences from Orexo will be of use in my future,” says Samar Omer.

A SweDeliver internship comes with full salary. You can expect to experience drug delivery sciences at its best, in state-of-the art environments and of high relevance for human health.

Learn more about the recruitment process and apply for SweDeliver internship here no later than 28 February 2022.


  • SweDeliver is a national competence center in drug delivery.
  • With Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy as the academic hub and 16 industrial partners, SweDeliver conducts research on parenteral, oral and pulmonary administration.



Center Director
Professor Christel Bergström,
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, private, Pexels,

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Last modified: 2024-04-04