U-FOLD celebrates 10 years with Grand Prize and Fully booked seminar on gang crime and addiction.


U-FOLD is accelerating into its second decade. This week, the Uppsala University forum received the Nordic Drugs Grand Prize 2021 for successful work in addiction issues. On Tuesday 23 November, they are arranging the seminar Gang Crime, Addiction & Belief in the Future in the University main auditorium - and chair Mathias Hallberg expects a fully booked hall.

Fred Nyberg and Mathias Hallberg, U-FOLD, with Nordic Drugs Grand Prize
Fred Nyberg and Mathias Hallberg, U-FOLD, with Nordic Drugs Grand Prize

“Uppsala University's Forum for Research on Drug Dependence and Addiction, U-FOLD, is a very worthy winner of this year's Grand Prize, and it is a pleasure for us to present the award to initiator Fred Nyberg, who continues to be crucial to its development,” stated Inger Ländin at Nordic Drugs before the award ceremony in Malmö.

Nordic Drugs states in its award motivation that U-FOLD “has established itself as a key organisation in the field of addiction, conducting, among other things, research and education of great positive significance also at a national level. By putting focus on addiction issues, U-FOLD is also contributing in a constructive way in the public debate. ”

“Over the years, U-FOLD has broadened its focus from regional to both Swedish and Nordic level, and this award is proof that our work is of importance. Central to our operations is to create arenas for dialogue about current challenges in the fields of addiction, and after some time online, we are now looking forward to our seminar Gang Crime, Addiction & Belief in the Future at the Uppsala University main auditorium on Tuesday 23 November, says Fred Nyberg, senior advisor at U-FOLD and Professor em. in Biological Research on Drug Addiction.

The meeting is attended by, among others, Jale Poljarevius, Chief of Police and Chief of Intelligence, who will provide a current report on the link between gang crime and drug trafficking. The program also includes Ing-Marie Wieselgren, psychiatry coordinator at SKR, who will present the national gathering of forces for mental health. The two will also participate in a panel discussion with politicians from the municipality, region and parliament about future efforts and the way forward.

“Our Autumn seminars are among the region's most important arenas for joint actions in the fields of addiction, and with the great demand we experience combined with the topicality of the subject, we chose to book the university main auditorium but set the limit to 600 participants. The response is extremely positive from the entire mid-Sweden, and with one week left, there are only a few seats still available, says Mathias Hallberg, chairman of U-FOLD and dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.


  • Is Uppsala University's Forum for research on drug addiction.
  • Was inaugurated in Uppsala in 2011 as a regional gathering of forces against the challenges of addiction.
  • Gathers twenty regional organisations that work together for a better society.



Mathias Hallberg, chair, U-FOLD
Phone  018–471 41 41
E-mail Mathias.Hallberg@farmbio.uu.se

Fred Nyberg, senior advisor, U-FOLD
Phone  018–471 41 66
E-mail Fred.Nyberg@farmbio.uu.se

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: U-FOLD, Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2024-04-04