U-FOLD is awarded the Nordic Drugs Grand Prize 2021


10-year-jubilar U-FOLD is the receiver of the Nordic Drugs Grand Prize 2021 for conducting research, providing education and raising awareness that has contributed large, positive and national significance to the fields of addiction.

Fred Nyberg, professor em. and initiator of U-FOLD
Fred Nyberg, professor em. and initiator of U-FOLD

Uppsala University's Forum for Research on Drug Dependence, U-FOLD, was inaugurated in 2011 as a regional link between Uppsala's research, prevention and treatment in the fields of dependence and addiction. Close to the forum’s 10-year anniversary, U-FOLD is awarded the Nordic Drugs Grand Prize, an honor presented to outstanding contributors to better care and treatment of patients with opioid dependence in Sweden.

“U-FOLD is indeed a worthy winner of the Nordic Drugs Grand Prize, and it was my privilege to personally announce the award to Fred Nyberg, Professor emeritus in Biological Research on Drug Dependence, who initiated the forum and has since had a crucial role for its development,” states Inger Ländin, Senior Key Account manager at Nordic Drugs

The prize motivation states that U-FOLD “over the past 10 years has established itself as an important organisation in the fields of addiction, that with, among many things, research and education has contributed large and positive significance even at a national level. By drawing attention to addiction issues, U-FOLD has also contributed in a constructive way to the broaden the public debate. ”

“Over time, U-FOLD has expanded its operations to both Swedish and Nordic levels. We continue to devote great energy to creating and shaping arenas for dialogue on current challenges in the areas of ​​addiction, even though we during the past year, like many others, have transfered to digital platforms. We also continue to be a distinctive voice in the public debate, and it is both honoring and inspiring that we are honored with this award just in time for our 10-year celebration, says Professor Emeritus Fred Nyberg, senior advisor at U-FOLD.

The Nordic Drugs Grand Prize will be presented to U-FOLD in Malmö on Wednesday 10 November 2021.


  • U-FOLD is a regional forum with focus on drug addiction. Here, researchers and professionals meet to jointly develop measures against addiction, its consequences and problems.
  • The Nordic Drugs Grand Prize of SEK 50,000 is awarded for discoveries or work aiming to improve diagnosis, treatment and/or care for opioid abuse.



Fred Nyberg, Professor em, Uppsala University
Senior Advisor, U-FOLD

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2022-11-08