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In the spring of 2021, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) conducted a university-wide evaluation in Uppsala. As one of only six environments, the third-cycle education in medicine and pharmacy was selected for in-debth scrutiny – and it is a highly active operation that greeted the review panel, states Anders Backlund, Deputy Dean for Research Training.

One of 150 PhD students at the Faculty of Pharmacy
One of 150 PhD students at the Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy currently has close to 150 students at third-cycle education - often called PhD students - who are completing an education striving to achieve the highest degree - the doctoral degree - while also as part of this education contributing essential efforts to the research we conduct at our faculty.

The third-cycle education at our faculty is, via the Research Training Committee at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy (KUF), co-ordinated with that of the Faculty of Medicine. In total comprising about 1,000 doctoral students. KUF includes Elisabet Nielsen, Johan Lennartsson and Mikael Hedeland, all members of the Faculty of Pharmacy, to which Ulf Göransson is added as director of studies.

Anders Backlund, Deputy Dean for Research Training,
Anders Backlund, Deputy Dean for Research Training,

Within KUF, not only are all cases handled regarding admissions to third-cycle education as well as notices of intent to defend a thesis, but also a diversity of other tasks. A large part of these concern courses at postgraduate level, where the Committee participates in design and development and provide financial support. The budget for this work is decided by the Disciplinary Domain Board, and also includes resources for the research tracks created in the doctoral program in 2017.

Two of the nine research tracks in the Disciplinary Domain - Drug Development and Infection - are led by researchers at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Near these research tracks lies the question how to plan and carry out the defending of a thesis. This applies not only under current pandemic restrictions, but also how the experiences we currently gather can affect our future approach to this examination opportunity. Furthermore, the Committee has worked with the intended implementation of the Disciplinary Domain's project concerning goals and strategies, Vision: MedFarm.

Throughout the spring of 2021, UKÄ is pursuing a university-wide evaluation. Our third-cycle education was selected as one of only six for in-depth scrutiny. A site visit - if I might use the term for a zoom meeting - was carried out in early May and we are now anxiously awaiting the review panels report.

In late May, KUF conducted this semester’s supervisor information. Participation is mandatory for those who are to become main supervisors at the third-cycle education level in our Disciplinary Domain. The next opportunity for those who plan to become supervisors, are curious or just want to refresh their knowledge is planned for November 25.

Anders Backlund, Deputy Dean for Research Training,Anders Backlund
Deputy Dean for Research Training, chair, KUF
Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

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Last modified: 2024-04-04