They receive the Pharmaceutical Student Union's pedagogical awards


“Receiving the students' award after this challenging year feels extra great, says Lecturer Christina Wedén who, together with Ulrika Rosenström and Viktor Rognås, receive the Pharmaceutical Student Union's 2021 pedagogical awards.

Viktor Rognås, Ulrika Rosenström and Christina Wedén
Viktor Rognås, Ulrika Rosenström and Christina Wedén

In March 2020, Uppsala University switched to distance teaching. The seminar halls of BMC have since echoed empty, but with new routines and creative solutions, the pedagogical development continues and on 25 May 2021, the Pharmaceutical Student Union traditionally handed out this year's pedagogical awards to prominent teachers at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

“The pandemic is depriving our students of their normal, dynamic study social environment, and I feel great admiration for how they during almost three whole, tough semesters have taken responsibility and manages to continue and complete their studies. We teachers try with simple means to make a difference, and it is extra warm to get the students' encouragement, which I see as a confirmation that we are succeeding,” says university lecturer Christina Wedén, receiver of the Student Council's award for student influence.

Christina Wedén, Dep. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Christina Wedén, Dep. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences

The Student Council emphasises in its motivation how Christina Wedén's commitment to both students and their opinions stand out from the crowd, something that is reflected in the students' course evaluation report. It also states how Christina, as course coordinator, have faced COVID-19 with constant and admirable contact with anxious students.

“I am happy and moved by the award, but also want to take the opportunity to extend a warm thank you to all teachers, researchers and administrators who have helped to maintain a functioning teaching and lab activity. It has required a lot from all of us, but thanks to collaboration at both course, department and faculty level, and not least from the students, we have come this far.”

The Pedagogical award is given to Lecturer Ulrika Rosenström, whose students in general organic chemistry emphasize Ulrika's great commitment and abilities to teach and look after each student.

Ulrika Rosenström, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Ulrika Rosenström, Department of Medicinal Chemistry

“I always strive to work with and for the students in my teaching, so to receive the Pharmaceutical student union's pedagogical award with this very motivation is truly an honor. At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude to all committed students and also all colleagues for the ongoing exchange of experience in pedagogical issues,” says Ulrika Rosenström.

Ulrika describes how she and many teacher colleagues during the pandemic miss the contact with the students that occur in seminar halls. The screen is especially a barrier during interactive elements in larger groups, but she still perceives that both students and teachers have adapted to the digital teaching in a fantastic way.

“I hope we can soon return to more teaching at campus, but this past year's involuntary distance learning has really taught us a lot. For example, it is inspiring to see how some things work just as great digitally.”

The Student treatment award is given to PhD student Viktor Rognås, who when COVID-19 began to spread in Sweden listened to and acted on the basis of his students' experience that several courses were difficult to complete from a distance. Among many things, Viktor conveyed opinions to the course coordinator and stayed after seminars to help the students who needed extra help with individual projects.

Viktor Rognås, Department of Pharmacy
Viktor Rognås, Department of Pharmacy

“I remember quite well what it is like to be a student, and just knowing that someone feels helped or noticed is encouragement enough, still, I deeply appreciate this expression of gratitude from the students. At the same time, the students and the commitment they show are of great importance for everything going so well. They contribute to both their own and each other's learning and make it even more fun to be a teacher,” says Viktor Rogås.

Viktor shares Ulrika Rosenström's view that the challenges posed by distance education during the pandemics mainly concern group dynamics and activating the students through the screen.

“Distance education requires more of how we meet and communicate with our students. On the other hand, it also adds values, For example, I find it easier to talk to individual students and smaller groups while teaching.”

The Faculty of Pharmacy congratulates Viktor Rognås, Ulrika Rosenström and Christina Wedén on very well-deserved awards!


text: Magnus Alsne 

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Last modified: 2024-04-04