Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong: "Sweden needs to strengthen the position of pharmacists"


Just a minute… Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong, Professor of Social pharmacy, who in late April was appointed first vice chair of The Swedish Pharmacists Association, a union she became a member of just two months earlier.

Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong, Professor of Social pharmacy
Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong, Professor of Social pharmacy

Why do you choose to engage in The Swedish Pharmacists Association?
“The association is extremely important for Sweden's pharmacists, but has recently undergone turbulence which has put the organisation in a serious condition. When I recently returned to Sweden and Uppsala University after eight years in Copenhagen, I applied for membership. Shortly afterwards, I was asked if I would accept a nomination as first vice chair, and with a feeling that I have gathered the years and experiences to contribute something of value, I said yes.”

What issues do you think the union should prioritize?
“In the short term, we must analyse what the conflict was actually rooted in and reflect on how we can best recreate a stable foundation. It will probably be challenging, but on the other hand necessary to continue the organisation's long-term activities. Once there, I hope to contribute to the issues I focus on in my research, including the pharmacist's role in healthcare and in pharmacies, but also work environment and equal conditions.”

What qualities will you bring to the board and its work?
“As a social science researcher with a pharmaceutical focus, former chair of Jusek's section for trading and service companies and as new member of the Swedish Pharmacists Association, I hope to contribute with a complementary voice that will add both scientific and international perspectives. During my years in Denmark, I have followed the development of the pharmaceutical professions in both Sweden and other countries, and can state that our domestic health care has much to gain from strengthening the position of pharmacists.”

Speaking of science, how is your new research environment at Uppsala University moving on?
“Great and forward! I’m letting the thought work and planning take the time required and now have some concrete plans. In parallel, I teach, which provides me opportunities to resume collaboration with several colleagues from my previous years in Uppsala. The fact that the Faculty of Pharmacy has recruited professors in both Social Pharmacy and Pharmacoepidemiology, gives an important signal that the Faculty identifies the importance of research on drugs in society.”

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Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong
Professor of Social Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Swedish Pharmaceutical Society

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Last modified: 2022-11-08