Webinar 27 April • Testa Center for Academia


Tuesday 27 April Testa Center will host Lunch webinar Testa Center for Academia – How can Testa Center benefit my academic ambitions? The Agenda is aimed at students, researchers and everyone with an interest in the fields of biopharma and general medicine.

Time  27 April, 12:00-13:30
Online Venue  https://testa-center-academic-talk.confetti.events/ 

Get to know the Testa Center during this webinar. What can you actually do at the Center? What instrumentation do you have? Whom have been there already and what did they do? There will be time to get your answers and ask your questions. Pre-registration is required.


An introduction to the Testa Center and academic collaboration
What's in the Testa Center that benefits academic education and research? Exemplifying by describing the collaboration with Uppsala University and calls for funding.
Jesper Hedberg, Director, Testa Center

A novel filtering solution for bioprocess - proof of concept in pilot scale
Albert Mihranyan, Professor, Uppsala University

How to scale up reagent production
Fight against Covid-19 by scaling-up our reagent production in Testa Center
Angela Vaasa, Chief Operating Officer, Solis BioDyne


  • Testa center is Sweden's test bed and innovation center in bioprocess technology for researchers, students and companies who want to test and scale up innovations in the production of biological drugs.
  • At Testa Center, Uppsala University offers students training in bioprocess and drug development In parallel the university's researchers have access to the Testa Center and its modern equipment in the biotechnological process industry.

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Erik Jacobsson
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences

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