Faculty of Pharmacy at SciFest 2021


4-10 March 2021 the SciFest science festival welcomes pupils and adults from all over Sweden to take part in lectures, shows and hands on activities. Of course, the Faculty of Pharmacy's researchers will be online to provide insights into how a drug is developed and utilised.

In 2021, Uppsala's science festival SciFest goes digital. Researchers from Uppsala University and SLU will offer over 100 activities for schools and the general public. Here, the curious can engage in everything from outer space to small insects - and of course exciting experiments on drug research. One of the pharmaceutical experts on site is Christel Bergström, professor at the Department of Pharmacy, who will lead a digital quiz where you can challenge yourself, your friend or school class:

“SciFest is an extremely inspiring opportunity to meet and interact with curious children, youths and adults, and to create understanding and commitment to a knowledge-driven society. The fact that SciFest 2021 is a digital event increases our university's reach far beyond Uppsala's borders thus adding several new values.”

Meet the Faculty of Pharmacy at SciFest 2021

In search of new covid drugs

The need for new drugs, for example against Covid-19, has become topical in the past year. The active substance in drugs is designed and synthesized by drug chemists. Here you will learn more about how a drug chemist works in the lab and in front of the computer – and a little about the process of developing a drug. You can ask questions to a researcher and there are instructions for exciting experiments you can do at home.

Activity is aimed at: Lower & Upper secondary school

Why is the drug sometimes a salve and sometimes a tablet?

Are you curious about drugs? Do you know why the drig is sometimes a salve and sometimes a tablet? Here you have the opportunity to test your knowledge! In this quiz you can challenge your friend or your class to find out who knows all about drugs and how they can be used!

Activity is aimed at: Lower secondary school

Virtual lab: How do insoluble drugs work in the body?

You get to try being a researcher in a virtual pharmaceutical lab. Put on gloves and a lab coat, use pipettes and start mixing – perform real work steps virtually. With the help of your animated co-worker, you need to find the right solvent to dissolve a drug substance. Animations in the virtual environment will illuminate how drug molecules interact with the intestinal fluid after you have swallowed a tablet and you can also watch recorded videos from "real" experiments.

Activity is aimed at: Middle school

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Christel Bergström, Center DirectorChristel Bergström, Faculty of Pharmacy
Professor, Deputy Dean, Collaboration

text: Magnus Alsne, ill: Scifest, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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