Sooraj Bajinath wins Bioanalysis Rising Star Award 2020


Sooraj Baijnath, researcher of Medical Mass Spectrometry Imaging, is the winner of the Bioanalysis Rising Star Award 2020. “It has been overwhelming to see the amount of support I have received globally,” says Sooraj Baijnath.

Sooraj Baijnath, Uppsala University
Sooraj Baijnath, the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences

Sooraj Baijnath, researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, receives this year’s Bioanalysis Rising Star Award 2020. The Bioanalysis Zone, awarding the prize states that “Sooraj’s skills are of the highest standard having received training at the Bruker Headquarters in Germany and at Uppsala University in Sweden”.

“It has been overwhelming to see the amount of support I have received globally. I would like to thank Bioanalysis Zone for this opportunity,” says Sooraj Baijnath.

Sooraj Baijnath is previously recognized internationally as part of the DIPLOMICS South Africa Mass Spectrometry Society and as successful co-applicant on a seeding labs equipment grant and a STINT Swedish collaborative grant.

“One of the most fun aspects of being involved in bioanalysis is that our field is always evolving and growing. That there is always a lot for us to learn. As a researcher at the Uppsala University Medical Mass Spectrometry Department, I am hoping to learn as much as I can and to contribute to the research that is being conducted,” says Sooraj Baijnath.

As winner of the Bioanalysis Rising Star Award, Sooraj Baijnath presented his work at the 13th European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) Open Symposium, held virtually 17–20 November 2020.

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