Sara Mangsbo receives SITC Team Science Award


Sara Mangsbo, researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy, receives the 2020 SITC Team Science Award for her work contributing to new cancer treatments.

Sara Mangsbo, the Faculty of Pharmacy
Sara Mangsbo, the Faculty of Pharmacy

Sara Mangsbo, research leader in immune-oncology, receives the 2020 SITC Team Science Award for her contributions to integrate immunotherapy as a standard treatment for cancer. The award is presented by the member-run organization the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer.

“The award draws attention to the research we conducted in the Kees Melief research group, which I was part of during my time as a postdoc in the Netherlands. The field and teams around Synthetic long peptide based drugs are growing and it is truly a team effort. Translational studies are key ahead, as well as getting data from phase 2 and 3 studies. I am really looking forward to the results the upcoming five years in this specific therapeutic area. Thanks to mentors such as Kees Melief and Gustav Gaudernack we will advance knowledge and medicine further,” says Sara Mangsbo.

Today, Sara Mangsbo’s research team at Uppsala University is developing a technology with the potential to quickly and cost-effectively help the human body create new T cells and fine-tune them to attack the tumor in its microenvironment.

“We will now, in company form, test the technology's full capacity for individual treatments and its significance against relapses,” states Sara Mangsbo, who was recently also awarded the Uppsala University innovation award Hjärnäpplet 2020.

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text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2024-04-04