Elin Svedin is new chairwoman of the Alumni Association Farmis


Just a minute… Elin Svedin, who in the spring of 2020 graduated from Uppsala University's Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy and now takes over as chairwoman of the Alumni Association Farmis.

Elin Svedin is new chairwoman of the Alumni Association Farmis
Elin Svedin, new chairwoman of the Alumni Association Farmis

Why do you chose to accept the position as chairwoman of the Alumni Association Farmis?
“When I was asked, the obvious answer was Yes. I have been involved in various boards throughout my studies. When I graduated this spring and no longer had an official assignment, I felt that something was missing. I have previously worked to ensure that students will have the best study time possible. Now I want to work for us as alumni to continue to have an interesting and valuable network.”

What experiences do you bring with you into the assignment?
“Above all, my time as chairwoman of the Pharmaceutical Student Union provided me with many experiences and insights. Leading an organization can be both challenging and difficult. It is important to ensure that everyone gets to make his or her voice heard, to be precise and to plan the work that is to be performed. Sometimes you have to go back a few steps and repeat the question: What do the members want? But the most important thing with non-profit work is to make sure to have some fun along the way, otherwise it can be too cumbersome.”

What ambitions do you have for the Alumni Association?
“I hope to be able to carry on the valuable work performed by our predecessor, but also, together with the Alumni Association's new board, invent and arrange new exciting activities that bring together academia and alumni.”

Have you had time to think about how you can deal with the limitations of the current pandemic?
“The progress of digitalisation has probably not escaped anyone and I feel positive that so many of us have already adapted the new way of working with different online meeting platforms. In fact, I believe that the barrier will be even lower thanks to all the digital events that are now taking place, which in the long run will enable more people to get involved and participate actively in our alumni network.”

What will happen in the Alumni Association Farmis in the near future?
“In November, our board will participate in a workshop to outline the association's development and future activities. So I will have to refer all you curious to keep an eye on the Alumni Association Farmis LinkedIn page where we publish all news.”

Elin Svedin

Age  28 years
Lives  In Uppsala
Education  Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy
Currently working at  Läkemedelsindustriföreningen, Lif
Right now  New chairwoman of the Alumni Association Farmis

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photo: Sveriges Farmaceuter

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Last modified: 2024-04-04