The Faculty of Pharmacy congratulates its newly graduated pharmaceutical experts


A new generation of pharmaceutical experts has received their diplomas and is entering their professional life. Saturday 26 September, the Faculty of Pharmacy held the 2020 graduation ceremony - which this year was four.

Graduation Ceremony at the University Building

“Dear new pharmacists, candidates and masters. Dear parents, friends and relatives who are with us at home on a link,” Anja Sandström, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, introduced the 2020 graduation ceremony.

Anja Sandström, Deputy dean
Anja Sandström, Deputy dean

Like so much else, this corona-marked year, a lot was different when yet a new generation of pharmaceutical experts gathered in Uppsala University's main auditorium to obtain their diplomas. But neither empty stands nor a ceremony that was split into four were able to put a stop to the traditionally happy and grand atmosphere.

“As Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy, the graduation ceremony is one of the most important days of the year. To see you, our former students, sit proud and straight in Uppsala University's main auditorium and wait for your diplomas. The proof of all the trials you have gone through, all the knowledge and skills you now possess in the field of pharmaceuticals. This is a big moment,” stated Anja Sandström.

The ceremony, which was broadcast live online, was also attended by Mathias Hallberg, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, who stated what a fantastic asset the graduates constitute for the pharmaceutical industry. He also sent a request that they, regardless of which professional path they choose, dare to take a stand, be seen and to share all the knowledge you have acquired during your education.

“You are outstanding experts much needed in this time. Take advantage of your width, but do not halt. Continue to educate yourself, dare to open new doors, go outside our field's fixed frameworks. Continue to be curious, your possibilities are endless, Mathias Hallberg concluded.

After the award ceremony, the day continued in the foyer of the University Hall with photography and mingling. Despite corona-secured distances, the atmosphere remained cheerful among the apparently satisfied crowd of young pharmaceutical experts.

“I spoke with many of the new graduates and they were all very happy with the ceremony which they described as reasonably long and that they all very much appreciated being in focus during their day of examination,” says Felix Hemström Trolin, President of the Pharmaceutical Student Union.


text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Faculty of Pharmacy, Mikael Wallerstedt, 

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Last modified: 2024-04-04