Webinar 6 October: Testa Center and Uppsala University developing for required cutting-edge competence


At Testa Center, students at Uppsala University receive training in bioprocess- and drug development, while researchers get access to modern equipment in the biotechnological process industry. In this webinar at Innovation Week 2020, students and researchers talk about their experiences at the Testa Center.

Students at Testa Center

Time 6 October 2020, at 10.00–11.00
Location Online
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We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution where a fusion of technical, biological and digital technologies creates new rules of the game and industry definitions that require new forms of collaboration to ensure future competitiveness. Early on, Uppsala University identified the need to educate for tomorrow's drug development, where biological drugs will require new ways of working.

In collaboration with Testa center - Sweden's test bed and innovation center in bioprocess technology for researchers, students and companies who want to test and scale up innovations in the production of biological drugs - and Cytiva, Uppsala University offers students training in bioprocess and drug development. In parallel the university's researchers have access to the Testa Center and its modern equipment in the biotechnological process industry.

In this webinar, carried out within the framework of Innovation Week 2020, we show how collaboration between society's and the business community's needs can be met with far-sighted competence supply in collaboration.

Participating in the webinar:

  • Testa Center: Jesper Hedberg, föreståndare
  • Researchers that are or have worked at Testa Center
  • Sara Mangsbo, Associate senior lecturer/Assistant Professor at Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Immune oncology
  • Albert Mihranyan, Professor in Nanotechnology and Functional Materials at Uppsala University
  • Karin Stensjö, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Chemistry – Ångström Laboratory, Molecular Biomimetics; Microbial Chemistry
  • Students that have used Testa Center for laborative training

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