Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals bringing students from across the world to Uppsala


This summer, the first thirty participants in the Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals are up for graduation, and with praise as "Highly valuable" and "Phenomenal study visits", success is a fact. "The students show fantastic commitment and the programme is already attracting interest in a number of countries," states Maria Melinder and Björn Wettermark, teachers at the course Life Cycle Analysis of Biological Medicines.

Maria Melinder, Björn Wettermark and Master's students in Biological Medicines
Maria Melinder, Björn Wettermark and Master's students in Biopharmaceuticals

The number of protein-based drugs is growing exponentially and currently make up more than 20 percent of all new drugs introduced on the market. Despite this strong growth, European universities still only offer a handful of courses in the subject, and when the Faculty of Pharmacy launched the Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals in the fall of 2022, it immediately gained a position among Uppsala University's most popular. This summer, the first class is up for graduation, and many signs indicate that the programme has already found the right form.

“We welcome students from across the world that show fantastic commitment. In our course Life Cycle Analysis of Biological Medicines, the seminars are characterized by vivid discussions on complex topics and our study visits generate added value for all parties. When we recently evaluated our second round, we received a very positive response from the participants,” says Maria Melinder, Lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy.

Arjun Mani, Master's student in Biopharmaceuticals
Arjun Mani, Master's student in Biopharmaceuticals

With a focus on the drugs full cycle from the first study in humans to treatment, many students experience their first contact with the aspects of pharmacy relating to the drug's path into healthcare. "Important experience", "Highly valuable", "Phenomenal study visits" and "Passionate teachers" are some examples of the participants' praise for the course.

“We develop and deliver the course in collaboration with, among others, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, TLV, Region Uppsala and the industry. Together, we convey knowledge to assess a drug's effect and safety, which is required for optimal introduction and use on the market. Such a broad perspective is relatively unique, and when we recently invited researchers from five countries to a panel discussion, they showed great interest in our work,” says Björn Wettermark, Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology.

The Master's Programme, the first of its kind in Sweden, is already uniting several research groups at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The programme also forms a shared platform with the many external partners who identify great value in interacting with potential employees and actively contribute with guest lectures and the supervising of degree projects.

“Sweden, like many other countries, is facing great needs for Biopharmaceutical competence, and with an attractive Master's Programme we have laid an important foundation for an international recruitment base. At the same time, we know that there is abundant national interest outside the academy in acquiring the skills we convey, and it would be interesting to translate parts of our program into freestanding courses, but that is a question for the future,” states Björn Wettermark.


  • The Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals is offered full-time, on-campus and in English with next course start in Autumn 2024.
  • The programme leads to the degree of Master of Pharmaceutical Science (120 credits) with Drug Discovery and Development as the main field of study.
  • The course Life Cycle Analysis of Biological Medicines is given the first semester of the programme and gives knowledge in, among other things, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, pharmacoepidemiology, health economics and research ethics.
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy offers more two international master's programs with a focus on Drug discovery and development and Pharmaceutical modeling.



Maria Melinder, kursledareMaria Melinder, Course leader
Department of Pharmacy

Björn Wettermark, ProfessorBjörn Wettermark, Professor
Department of Pharmacy

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt a o

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Last modified: 2024-04-04