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With a focus on recruitment, internationalization and closer collaboration with Uppsala's pharmaceutical industry, Sweden's largest Master of Science Programme In Pharmacy aims even higher. "Our first initiatives are very well received among students and teachers alike," says Jörgen Bengtsson and Lisa Fredriksson Carreras, leading the process at Uppsala University.

Jörgen Bengtsson and Lisa Fredriksson Carreras, the Faculty of Pharmacy
Lisa Fredriksson Carreras and Jörgen Bengtsson, the Faculty of Pharmacy

Each semester, 110 new students enroll in the Faculty of Pharmacy's Master of Science Programme In Pharmacy. This makes Uppsala University Sweden's largest educator of future pharmaceutical experts. A unique position that also entails great responsibility, and in autumn 2022 the faculty launched a committee with the task of taking the programme to the next level.

“Working with pharmacist training at Sweden's only Faculty of Pharmacy is a privilege. Here, every teacher is firmly established in frontline research, we conduct a very positive collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Student Union, and everyone knows that Uppsala offers a world-class university life. Still, there is always room for improvement, and throughout 2023, an evaluation of the program was carried out. The results show that we are doing many things right, but also provide a distinct direction for the future,” says Jörgen Bengtsson, Chair of the Programme Committee.

Communication in practice at this year's Project Symposium
Communication in practice, Project Symposium 2024

Many initiatives are already off the blocks. This includes increased skill training with a focus on communication. Likewise, parts of the internship have been moved to term six. Changes that are receiving praise from students and teachers alike, in turn providing inspiration for future measures: To recruit students with the will and capacity to complete the education, optimize their conditions to obtain a degree and provide knowledge about the career possibilities that awaits.

“We have numerous talented first choice applicants, but must also communicate a clearer picture of what a pharmacy education actually entails. For example, several courses require an interest in chemistry and biology, and here we have to find smart channels to upper secondary school. Recently, we tested inviting everyone applying for the programme to an online information meeting, which turned out well and will likely be part of the activity mix we are currently creating,” says Lisa Fredriksson Carreras, Programme coordinator.

Burak Taner receiving the Per Manell Award 2024
Burak Taner receiving the Per Manell Award 2024

Also on the agenda is increased collaboration with STUNS - The Foundation for collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, business and society. At a first meeting, the opportunities for students to do study visits and in-depth projects at the region's vital life science sector were discussed, a prospect that would further intensify the interactions between Uppsala's companies and the pharmacists of the future.

“Here, faculty and industry share an ambition completely in line with what our students ask for and that - together with a strengthened focus on internationalization and sustainability - is at the top of the work we are now starting. The fact that our committee also has the necessary organization and resources makes us convinced that Uppsala's Master of Science Programme In Pharmacy will improve its already advanced position,” states Jörgen and Lisa.



  • The Master of Science Programme In Pharmacy is a five-year education that leads to the degree Master of Science in Pharmacy.
  • A survey at the Faculty of Pharmacy shows that a majority of students have employment at the time of their degree.



Jörgen Bengtsson, UniversitetslektorJörgen Bengtsson, Chair of Committee 
Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy

Lisa Fredriksson Carreras, UniversitetsadjunktLisa Fredriksson Carreras, Coordinator, Committee 
Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy

Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Ida Renström m fl

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Last modified: 2024-04-04