Record-breaking interest in U-FOLD's seminar on Digital Addictions • 200 new seats available


With three weeks left until U-FOLD Seminar TikToks • Addictions for a new generation, all 700 seats are booked. Now the forum announces the release of 200 additional seats to the Uppsala University Main Auditorium. "The demand for seats is still intense, which inspires both us and the experts we have engaged," state Mathias Hallberg and Fred Nyberg of U-FOLD.

U-FOLD's seminar on Digital Addictions

Wednesday 7 February, U-FOLD arranges the seminar TikToks • Addictions for a new generation – a national meeting place where the forum highlights social media, how they affect us and the possibilities to make them a positive ingredient in our children's development. With three weeks left until the event, all 700 seats are booked and now U-FOLD is making room for another 200 participants in the Uppsala University Main Auditorium.

“Given the topicality of the subject, a very strong program and the fact that our seminars in the Main Auditorium today belong to the country's foremost arenas for talks in the fields of addiction, we were prepared for a positive response. But the fact that we have already passed our intended limit with continued intense demand on seats is of course extremely inspiring, both for us and the experts we have engaged for the seminar,” says Mathias Hallberg, chair of U-FOLD and Dean at Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy.

Jale Poljarevius, Head of intelligence in Police Region Mitt
Jale Poljarevius will provide a report at the seminar

The program features, among others, Ulrika Caperius, Bonnier Carlsen and the Swedish Culture Council, who reports on TikTok and young people's reading habits. Sissela Nutley, Arts & Hearts, talks about how digital media affects our brains and mental health. Anna Nygren from Ung Livsstil reflects on the school's possibilities and Jale Poljarevius, Head of intelligence in Police Region Mitt, reports on how organized criminals use social media in order to recruit children and young people. The program concludes with the panel discussion The Way Forward, joined by Ulrika Karlsson, Expert Advisor to the UN, and Member of Parliament Karin Sundin.

“Over the years, U-FOLD has broadened its focus from regional to national and Nordic level, which is reflected in the great professional and geographical diversity we see among the registrations, and that we today attract participants from all across Sweden to Uppsala is proof that our work is both necessary and successful. Equally inspiring is that we on 7 February also welcome a number of students from numerous High schools in Uppsala, which were a priority group when we composed the program,” says Fred Nyberg, Senior advisor at U-FOLD.

Interest in U-FOLD seminars continues to grow
Interest in U-FOLD seminars continues to grow

With a target now set on 900 participants, U-FOLD is facing its biggest event to date, and expectations are high to generate the interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges, new networks and future collaborations that have been guidelines ever since the forum was inaugurated in 2011 in the Uppsala University Main Auditorium.

“Recently, our field has been characterized by dark headlines covering everything from shootings and drug trafficking to screen addiction and mental illness. It is easy to forget that the positive counterforces are both plenty and strong, so now is the right time to gather for this seminar – and despite the fact that we receive requests from all over Sweden to broadcast live, we have decided that we will this time only meet IRL with the ambition to together take the next step to give a new generation the upbringing and future it is entitled to,” states Mathias Hallberg.



  • Uppsala University's Forum for research on drug dependence and addiction.
  • Inaugurated in Uppsala in 2011 as a regional gathering of forces against the challenges of addiction.
  • Gathers approximately 20 organizations working together for a better society.



Mathias Hallberg Mathias Hallberg, chair, U-FOLD
Professor, Uppsala University

Fred NybergFred Nyberg, Senior advisor, U-FOLD
Professor em, Uppsala University

Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Stewen Quigley, Mikael Wallerstedt a o

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Last modified: 2024-04-04