Nordic Workshop brought the pharmaceutical researchers of the future to BMC


With a focus on Pharmaceutical Modelling and Simulation, SweDeliver and Nordic POP welcomed 40 researchers and Master's students to Uppsala and the Department of Pharmacy for two days of workshops and presentations by selected lecturers from Scandinavian academia and industry.

Shakhawath Hossain, researcher at SweDeliver and involved in the organizing committee
Shakhawath Hossain, researcher at SweDeliver and involved in the organizing committee

In connection to New Horizons in Drug delivery and Formulations 2023, that in late November brought 170 pharmaceutical experts from around the world to Sweden and Uppsala, SweDeliver and Nordic POP co-organized a two-day workshop with focus on the Interaction between nanoparticles and Aggregation of therapeutic peptides.

“A total of thirteen researchers and PhD students participated in two workshops where they, among many things, performed molecular dynamics simulations with a specific focus on how to study the aggregation tendencies of peptides. The participants arrived from several Nordic universities, but also Ferring Pharmaceuticals, that is part of SweDeliver's industrial partner network,” says Shakhawath Hossain, Researcher at the Department of Pharmacy and SweDeliver.

Vasanthanathan Poongavanam, Uppsala University
Nathan Poongavanam, Uppsala University

The meeting kicked off with presentations by specially invited speakers Jens Carlsson, Nathan Poongavanam (Uppsala University), Tommaso Casalini (AstraZeneca) and Xuezhi Zhuo (University of Copenhagen) who all reported on progress and challenges in the use of molecular modelling and simulation in different stages of drug discovery, development and delivery processes.

“The lectures attracted close to forty researchers, of which the majority are Master's students or hold PhD and postdoc positions at our Faculty of Pharmacy. It was a valuable opportunity to take part in frontline research, which is in line with SweDeliver's and Nordic POP's ambition to prepare a new generation of researchers for the task of leading Scandinavian life sciences into a prosperous future,” states Shakhawath Hossain.

Already in 2019, Nordic POP and Swedish Drug Delivery Forum (predecessor to SweDeliver) organized a workshop on the same theme. At this moment, no decision has been made about when a third workshop will be arranged, but dates will be determined in dialogue with the ten partner universities that form Nordic POP.


  • SweDeliver is a national competence center in drug delivery. With Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy as the academic hub and 17 industrial partners, SweDeliver conducts research on parenteral, oral and pulmonary administration.
  • Nordic POP (patient oriented products) is a Nordic university consortium coordinated by the University of Copenhagen. It aims to provide the scientific foundation for the next generation pharmaceutical products - patient oriented products- by strengthening the use of interdisciplinary approaches within Nordic pharmaceutical sciences.



Shakhawath Hossain, ForskareShakhawath Hossain, Researcher
Department of Pharmacy

Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, private

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Last modified: 2024-04-04