Successful Pharmaceutical summit at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress


“The conference was an absolute success,” states Christel Bergström, Alexandra Teleki and Caroline Fronczak Alvebratt at the Faculty of Pharmacy, after wrapping up New Horizons in Drug delivery and Formulations 2023, the international summit that brought the pharmaceutical world to Uppsala for three days.

New Horizons in Drug delivery and Formulations 2023

On Wednesday, international meeting New Horizons in Drug delivery and Formulations 2023 ended after three intense days at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, where a total of 170 experts from academia and industry presented and experienced the latest scientific progress in drug formulation and delivery.

“We can only confirm that the conference was an absolute success, further solidifying Uppsala's prominent position on the pharmaceutical map. We have welcomed participants from all over the world, and with all the inspiring lectures, discussions and mingling that characterized the conference, I am certain that everyone is returning home with a very positive feeling,” says Christel Bergström, Professor of Molecular Pharmacutics and Center Director at SweDeliver.

The conference was conducted in collaboration between SweDeliver, NextBioForm and Nordic POP – three consortia who all play leading roles in bringing the Scandinavian life science sector into a successful future. Among their priority efforts is preparing a new generation of researchers for leading positions, and New Horizons in Drug delivery and Formulations 2023 was no exception.

Shno Asad, PhD student, Department of Pharmacy
Shno Asad, PhD student, Department of Pharmacy

“A clear line throughout the conference has been to provide our junior researchers room for interaction and not least to step forward themselves. This includes the two highly successful poster sessions where they presented their own research, and I would like to mention Shno Asad, PhD student at our Department of Pharmacy, who received a Poster Award for her work Actively Targeted Magnetic Nanoparticles via Click Chemistry to Dignose Inflammatory Bowel Disease, says Alexandra Teleki, Associate Professor and Center co-Director at SweDeliver.

The meeting's scientific program also included several Keynote speakers: Among them Per Artursson, Professor at Uppsala University, who spoke on Gut feelings 2.0: Navigating Drug Absorption and Delivery in the 3D frontier. Professor Jean-Christophe Leroux at ETH Zurich highlighted 3D-printing of drug eluting devices and from the University of Helsinki, Professor Clare Strachan joined  to lecture at this year's John Sjögren Seminar on Sensitive and specific imaging of pharmaceuticals with multimodal nonlinear optics.

“The participants were undoubtedly very satisfied with their stay in Uppsala: From the opening session on virtual drug delivery to the dinner at the castle and the closing seminars. Our long-distance guests also gasped at the Swedish winter, which set in with full force already on the first evening, so they definitely got an all-inclusive experience,” concludes Caroline Fronczak Alvebratt, Researcher at the Department of Pharmacy and Project coordinator at SweDeliver.


  • SweDeliver is a national competence center in drug delivery. With Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy as the academic hub and 17 industrial partners, SweDeliver conducts research on parenteral, oral and pulmonary administration.



Christel Bergström, professorChristel Bergström, Professor
Center Director, SweDeliver

Alexandra Teleki, Ass. Professor
Center co-Director, SweDeliver

Caroline Fronczak Alvebratt, ForskareCaroline Fronczak Alvebratt, Researcher
Project coordinator, SweDeliver

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: SweDeliver, Mikael Wallerstedt a o

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Last modified: 2022-11-08