InDevelop grant to Thomas Dorlo's research on neglected skin diseases


The Faculty of Pharmacy congratulates Thomas Dorlo, Associate Professor of Pharmacometrics, on receiving SEK 207,600 from the InDevelop Developing Country Fund. The grant will finance the development of safer and more effective treatment options against neglected skin disease Cutaneous leishmaniasis.

Thomas Dorlo, Associate Professor, Uppsala University
Thomas Dorlo, Associate Professor, Uppsala University

Thomas Dorlo, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, receives SEK 207,600 from the InDevelop Foundation’s Developing Country Fund. The grant will enable advanced capacity for clinical trials of a new dosing regimen for the treatment of children affected by skin disease Cutaneous leishmaniasis.

“In Ethiopia, where we are conducting our study, the disease is caused by the parasite Leishmania aethiopica. It causes serious skin damage and is difficult to treat, especially in children. The World Health Organization describes the disease as "neglected", meaning a serious lack of drug development, but now our research team in Pharmacometrics for Global Health has created a new pediatric dosing regimen for the drug Miltefosine,” states Thomas Dorlo.

Already in 2022, the Swedish Research Council invested SEK 2.4 million in Thomas Dorlo's research with focus on precision medicine tools against tropical parasitic diseases, then with a focus on Visceral leishmaniasis. In the new project, the OPTIMILEISH study, Thomas Dorlo will collaborate with researchers from Addis Ababa (ET), Antwerp (BE) and Amsterdam (NL).

“There is an acute shortage of effective and safe treatments for these neglected, poverty-related and stigmatizing diseases. That InDevelop and the Swedish Research Council choose to fund our research is essential for our work to contribute to better treatment options for an extremely exposed patient population,” says Thomas Dorlo.


  • The InDevelop Foundation’s Developing Country Fund supports research and qualified development work promoting long-term development of knowledge about health and medical care in developing countries.
  • The OPTIMILEISH study (OPTImizing MIltefosine treatment for Cutaneous LEISHmaniasis patients) is a collaboration between Uppsala University, All Africa Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Rehabilitation Training Center (ET), Armauer Hansen Research Institute (ET), Institute of Tropical Medicine (BE ) and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL).



Thomas Dorlo, UniversitetslektorThomas Dorlo, Associate Professor 
Department of Pharmacy

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Last modified: 2022-11-08