SweDeliver welcomes Chiesi as a new industrial partner


SweDeliver welcomes Chiesi, a research-focused biopharmaceutical group headquartered in Italy, as a new industrial partner. "We are very happy about this collaboration, which will strengthen our research program even further," states Center Director Christel Bergström and Bertil Abrahamsson, chair of SweDeliver and Senior principal scientist at AstraZeneca.

Center Director Christel Bergström welcomes Chiesi to SweDeliver
Center Director Christel Bergström welcomes Chiesi to SweDeliver

SweDeliver, the competence center with a focus on drug delivery, has signed a strategic partnership with Chiesi, an international biopharmaceutical group developing therapeutic sollutions with a focus on respiratory health, rare diseases and specialty care. Chiesi operates in 31 countries with 6,500 employees, of which 100 work at the company's facilities in the Nordics.

“That Chiesi chooses to join SweDeliver puts another quality stamp on our center's research and training. With this collaboration, we expand our international network with an important player in our strive to set Europe in pole position within drug delivery,” says Christel Bergström, Center Director of SweDeliver and Professor of Molecular Pharmacutics at Uppsala University.

With Chiesi as a new SweDeliver partner, further advance await in the network's joint pursuit of innovative solutions for drug delivery, more effective treatments and increased quality of life for care recipients. A mission that Chiesi – since 2019 a certified Benefit Corporation in Italy, the USA and France – has adopted with high standards of both social and environmental impact.

Mark Parry-Billings, Chiesi Group
Mark Parry-Billings, Chiesi Group

“SweDeliver's ongoing research project align perfectly with the challenges faced by Chiesi and the entire industry. Together with our global development team, we look forward to create synergies that will generate additional value to SweDeliver's evident capacity to contribute to making advanced therapy available to patients in need,” says Mark Parry-Billings, Head of Global Drug Development at Chiesi Group and Site Head of the company's R&D site in Stockholm.

With academic hub at Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy and a well-established industrial partner network, SweDeliver currently forms a platform for research at the highest international level. That cooperation is now further expanded will facilitate the development of cutting-edge drug delivery methods, ensuring that patients receive more effective and accessible treatments.

“I am very happy to welcome Chiesi, a company committed to innovative pharmaceutical product development, that is a highly relevant addition to SweDeliver's partner network. The collaboration also means that SweDeliver's research is further strengthened, which ultimately will give patients better drug treatments, which is the goal of our entire operation,” says Bertil Abrahamsson, chair of SweDeliver.


  • Chiesis is headquartered in Parma, Italy and operates in 31 countries.
  • Chiesi's Swedish R&D site is located in Solna, specializing in biological development and translational and precision medicine.
  • SweDeliver is a world-leading research and competence center in drug delivery with financial support from Vinnova.
  • SweDeliver focuses on important research challenges in Parenteral, Oral and Pulmonary drug delivery.
  • With Chiesi, SweDeliver welcomes industry partner number 17.



Christel Bergström, ProfessorChristel Bergström, Professor
Center Director, SweDeliver
Uppsala University

Text: Magnus Alsne, Chiesi, foto: Chiesi, AstraZeneca, Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2022-11-08