Nordic PhD Summer school higlights accelerating antibiotic resistance


In August, Uppsala University and KI welcome PhD students from all over the Nordics to the NorDoc Summer School and three days of knowledge exchange and networking. "We offer a program that with theme Antibiotics according to a new generation combines frontline research with education for the future," states Anders Backlund, Vice-Dean for Research Training.

Over three days in August, PhD students and researchers from six Nordic countries will gather in Uppsala and Stockholm for the NorDoc Summer School 2023: Antibiotics according to a new generation. Here, in the heartland of Swedish life sciences, they will focus on methods to handle accelerating antibiotic resistance, an acute threat with global dimensions.

“In 2019, an estimated 1.3 million people died as a result of infections caused by resistant bacteria. Still, no new class of antibiotics has reached healthcare in forty years. Now we have reached the point where new drugs alone are no longer enough, and the problem is so complex that international and interdisciplinary collaboration is absolutely necessary,” says Eva Garmendia, Project Coordinator at the Uppsala Antibiotic Center.

Eva Garmendia, Uppsala Antibiotic Center
Eva Garmendia, Uppsala Antibiotic Center

The NorDoc consortium unites eighteen universities and the annual summer school is an important opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking. With the goal of optimising each PhD student’s research training, it is customary for the organising university to display a profile area within its own research environment.

“In addition to our strong research in the field of antibiotics, we will present ENABLE-2, the Uppsala Antibiotic Center and an additional selection of the interdisciplinary initiatives that have their center here,” says Anders Backlund, Vice-Dean for Research Training at Uppsala University's Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Among the lecturers already announced are Ulrica Edlund and Inger Odnevall Wallinder, KTH, Agneta Richter Dahlfors, Karolinska Institutet and Anders Karlén, Uppsala University, but also a selection of international guests from North America and Asia, as well as a panel discussion with Sweden's AMR ambassador Malin Grape and former Swedish vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström.

“Registration for NorDoc 23 is open and we are currently completing a program that combines leading research with education for the future. Our hope is that as many PhD students as possible will take the opportunity to prioritise this summer meeting and that it will give us all effective tools for the future,” says Anders Backlund.


  • The annual NorDoc PhD Summit brings PhD students from the Nordics together for three days of science and networking – focusing on Nordic research strengths and how to get the most out of a PhD.
  • The summit is open to all interested, PhD students: postdocs, supervisors and teachers, to put our research in a larger perspective, get tools for scientific outreach, expand our networks and get ideas for future careers.



Anders Backlund, ProfessorAnders Backlund, Professor
Vice-Dean, Research Training

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, private

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Last modified: 2022-11-08